Aurora Rally for Planned Parenthood

By all accounts, the rally in Aurora went very well on Tuesday. Officials say that at the height of the protest, 250-300 pro-choice supporters attended and outnumbered the opposition 2 to 1. Great work!

After the jump, there are a whole bunch of pictures courtesy of JenLovesPonies, who attended the rally, with commentary! The Planned Parenthood Aurora blog also has a lot more imagesand video!

Images of protesters:

Cara: I’m slightly confused as to why the anti-choice and pro-choice protesters were allowed to intermingle. Every rally I’ve ever attended, police purposely separate the two groups. And as someone who knows enough about anti-choice protesters to have a healthy fear of standing next to them holding a pro-choice sign, I can’t say that I’d be thrilled about it. Different area, different rules?

Cara: This woman’s sign made me laugh. It says “Not your body. Separate DNA, Separate Blood System.” Obviously she doesn’t understand that “My Body, My Choice” doesn’t mean that we think the fetus is technically a part of your body. It means that the fetus/embryo is in your body and therefore you have the right to decide whether to continue carrying it or expel it. Why does this need explaining?

Jen: Pro-life Jerk

Cara: Notice the Bible!

Jen: Pro-life jerk getting yelled at by cop for standing too close to the street to avoid the pro-choice girls.

Jen: PP rep getting interviewed- you can see all the people holding up signs in the background reflected in the mirror.

Jen: This should have been the first sign we would be way out-numberd inside.

Cara: The out-numbering at the town council meeting was possible because the council took down names of speakers prior to the meeting. So more pro-choicers were outside, but more anti-choicers were inside.

Jen: The red arm bands were nowhere near as cool as pink shirts

Jen: This woman called us all whores and used her disabled son as a billboard for Ron Paul.

For more on what’s happening in Aurora, why and what you can do to help, visit the Planned Parenthood Aurora blog.

0 thoughts on “Aurora Rally for Planned Parenthood

  1. moon_grrl

    Wish I could have been there . . . maybe next time. I’ll take some time off work, get my mom, and head on up!

    She’s gonna love the “I’m pro-choice and my mother is too!” sign in the second picture.


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