Take Action for School Security Assault Victim

I’m assuming that by now, most of you have heard of the black girl whose arm was broken by a school security guard while he used a racial slur against her because she dropped some birthday cake. If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and get educated.

In the past year, there has been a slew of stories regarding “authority” figures drastically overstepping their bounds and causing significant physical harm. From the UCLA student who was struck with a taser for failing to show ID, to the minister whose leg was broken at the Capitol building for refusing to go to the back of the line he had been waiting in all morning, to the University of Florida student who was struck with a taser after talking too long on the open mic at a forum by John Kerry.

Enough is enough. We are seeing extreme abuses of power against individuals who are acting within their Constitutional rights. In many cases, including this one, we are also seeing a lot of racism and outrage from police at people of color who insist on retaining their rights, by refusing to go to the back of the damn line like it’s a public bus in the 1960s or to scrub a floor free of cake until its spotless like someone’s chamber maid.

Thankfully, Trina has put together a call to action, which will be pasted below the jump. Please, take the time to do your part. It just might be your leg or arm or ass getting struck with a taser next time.  And even if it’s not you, it’s still worth being a decent human being.

Fill out this complaint form (pdf), and fax it to BOTH the school (661.533.0111) and the school district (661.726.0673).

Call the school (661.533.9000) AND the school district (661.948.7655).

Email the superintendent and city council:

The Palmdale Superintendent, David Vierra at bettyv@avhsd.org (secretary’s email)

Palmdale Mayor, James C. Ledford Jr. at jledford@cityofpalmdale.org

Palmdale Mayor Pro Tem Mike Dispenza at mdispenza@cityofpalmdale.org

Palmdale Councilmember Steven D. Hofbauer at shofbauer@cityofpalmdale.org

Palmdale Councilmember Stephen Knight at steveknight@cityofpalmdale.org

Palmdale Councilmember Tom Lackey at TomLackey@cityofpalmdale.org

Palmdale Stephen H. Williams at swilliams@cityofpalmdale.org

Email all of them at once: bettyv@avhsd.org; jledford@cityofpalmdale.org; mdispenza@cityofpalmdale.org; shofbauer@cityofpalmdale.org; steveknight@cityofpalmdale.org; TomLackey@cityofpalmdale.org; swilliams@cityofpalmdale.org

Suggested text:

I heard about the beating, suspension, and arrest of Knight High School student Pleajhai Mervin, and I am shocked, disgusted, and outraged at the treatment she and her family have received. I am also appalled that no disciplinary action has been taken against the security guard who assaulted Ms. Mervin. The attack was clearly racially motivated, and is an egregious violation of Ms. Mervin’s civil rights. I call on you to:
– arrest the security guard for battery
– lift all charges against Ms. Mervin, her mother, and the other students
– reinstate Ms. Mervin’s mother at her job with the school district

I would ask you to recall Williams v. State of California (settled in 2004), section 2, which requires that all school districts provide “a safe environment” for education. The court case was originally about school disrepair and lack of books but of the three decisions made, section 2 clearly states that “a safe environment” must be provided. When students are assaulted, especially after repeatedly complying with the requests made of them or in the process of documenting civil rights violations, and then arrested and charged for standing up for themselves, the school district is clearly in violation of providing “a safe environment.”

I look forward to hearing back from you on this important matter.

You can check out even more from Prof Black Woman. The goal is, at the least, to get everyone to fill out and fax a complaint form. So get moving!

0 thoughts on “Take Action for School Security Assault Victim

  1. Smith

    This is just horrible. There is absolutely no justification for this young girl to be brutalized by this thuggish guards (and why the hell is he wearing shades indoors?).

    I read on another site that the guard in question was a former police officer who had been fired for corruption. If true, that makes his credibility even more suspect.


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