Bush Vetoes Children’s Health Bill

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is something seriously wrong with Bush. But what, exactly, is wrong with him?

Today, he issued his fourth veto, this time against a bill that would provide health care to children who don’t have any.

Well, gee, at least he hates all poor people equally.

“Because the Congress has chosen to send me a bill that moves our health care system in the wrong direction, I must veto it,” Mr. Bush said in his veto statement, adding that he hoped to work with the lawmakers “to produce a good bill that puts poorer children first.”

The measure would provide $60 billion over the next five years, $35 billion more than current spending and $30 billion more than the president proposed. Mr. Bush and his backers argue that the bill would be a step toward federalization of health care, and that it would steer the program away from its core purpose of providing insurance for poor children and toward covering children from middle-class families. The White House has rejected as “preposterous” any suggestion that Mr. Bush does not care about the welfare of poor children.

Oh yeah, definitely preposterous.

The best thing is that it was a bipartisan bill.

Sorry about your health problems there, kiddies, but Mr. Bush doesn’t like socialism. He’s delusional to the point where he thinks that we’re still in the age when his daddy was president and comunism was all big, bad and scary, so you just have to suffer. You see, you having health insurance not only hurts capitalism, it also probably helps the terrorists. Try to not get sick– for America. Or sell some damn lemonade to pay for those health bills yourself, you little deadbeats.

So, here’s my new theory: Bush has heard the “worst president in history” line one too many times, and now he’s actively attempting to earn that title. I mean, he has it anyway, but you know Bush– he sure as hell likes to do everything over the top. Thoughts?

0 thoughts on “Bush Vetoes Children’s Health Bill

  1. brandann

    damn…i mean it’s not like i am really surprised or anything about this…we knew it was coming…but is reasoning is so screwd up!
    does he have any idea how it is to be considered “middle class” b/c the area you live in is SO POOR that you barely make enough to scrape by? you make too much for medcaid, but you still can’t affort anywhere from $500-$800/month? i don’t think so. in a lot of areas, in order to qualify for any kind of break w/ federal programs you have to be living BELOW THE POVERTY LINE!!! (and not just for medicaid either, i am talking things like assistance paying heat bills, food assistance, head start) this program would have brought insurance to people who, yes, on paper, can apparently afford the almighty private insurance, but in reality, have to make a choice b/t feeding their child, and getting them health care.
    fuck him

  2. azliza

    he doesn’t need to work to earn that title. what a turd.

    don’t forget that he also declared Oct 1 national child health day. maybe he’s going for “worst president who is also semi-ironic.”

  3. dh

    I’m sure the people who are relying on their Medicare Advantage programs are happy about that because that’s where the money was going to come from. The bill is fine- the source of the money wasn’t.

  4. Roy

    Oh sure, he’s earned the title already, but you have to think big, Cara. It’s not enough to earn the title- he’s got to make sure that it’s not easily taken from him in the future. It’s one thing to be the worst president so far. It’s another to have a presidency so bad that it’s the worst that can ever be.

    Goals, Cara… goals.


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