Britney loses her kids gets fat

For those of you who are lucky enough to avoid this kind of “news,” Britney Spears lost custody of her kids this week. My take on the situation is that it’s very sad but possibly best for her kids right now, and ultimately absolutely none of my business.

I’m in the minority, though, because everyone seems to think that it’s their business. As if a woman suffering from addiction and probably depression who has just lost her kids really needs a media circus around her right now. Yeah, I’m sure that will fix things for her. Cortney rightfully asks why so many people are taking such joy in the recent turn of events. It’s a question I’d like to see answered, too, because none of the answers I’ve seen thus far are particularly satisfying. News outlets like CNN and the NY Times are trying to write serious stories about all of the media attention, while conveniently behaving as though they’re not “the media.” And I’ve tried my best to ignore the whole thing because it alternately bores me or makes me really sick. That was until I was at the grocery store last night and saw this at the checkout:

Ah, yet again with the fucking fat thing.

You know, you’d think her losing her kids would be enough of a story. But nope. She’s fat too. Screw the kids, drugs and mental problems, can you believe that she weighs (gasp!) 160lbs? Let’s just forget about what it feels like to actually weigh 160lbs (*waves*) and then see the very concept of weighing 160lbs as absolute proof of hitting “rock bottom.”

You see, being mentally imbalanced isn’t that big of a deal– in fact, it’s kind of funny. Being on drugs is okay, as long as it’s something like cocaine that will help you stay thin. Losing your kids is a plus, because you can be a bigger, sexier star when the tots aren’t at your side. But being “fat,” that’s just unforgivable.

Of course, it’s not the first time that Spears has been touted to have reached “rock bottom.” The other was her anti-sex symbol decision to shave her head bald. Does anyone else see a trend here? I think that it’s awfully convenient to be able to tear a public figure in trouble to shreds and to remind women of how they’re treated when they stop living for the benefit of the patriarchy all at the same time. Don’t you?

0 thoughts on “Britney loses her kids gets fat

  1. Doriis

    We seem to always expect angelic qualities from people when we ourselves can’t even meet up to our own expectation. One thing people are forgetting is that Britney Spears is human and she’s giong through her own trouble like everybody else. We always want to see the imperfection that the celebrities make. Lets us just for once examine our conscience to see if we are saints.

  2. Mary Tracy9

    I may not think it’s any of MY business, but I do believe it’s feminists’ BUSINESS. Because taking a mother’s custody of her kids away will only make things worse. There are LOTS of things that could be done to help her and her kids without taking them away from her. That is, if the actual goal was to HELP her, which it ain’t. I only hope she’s strong enough to make it through all this.


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