Happy Genocide Day!

I insist on calling it Genocide Day. In South Dakota, they now call it Native American Day. Those who are delusional and “patriotic” enough (including the U.S. Government) to celebrate a day in honor of a criminal and genocide-minded asshole who didn’t even actually “discover” America call it Columbus Day.

Apparently, up to 17 states do not celebrate Columbus Day (a number I have found from numerous sources, but all lack a citation). If you’d like to learn more about why we ought to get rid of this “national holiday,” check out the Transform Columbus Day Alliance.

To the few of you who actually get a day off, enjoy it. And to everyone else, have fun not being able to get into the bank or post office.

0 thoughts on “Happy Genocide Day!

  1. Gabs

    Thank you for this post, Cara. I have never liked Columbus/Columbus Day and all he did/stood for. I would love this bullshit ‘holiday’ to be eradicated.

  2. brandann

    my whole family (most of who still live on a reservation in northern michigan) always say “happy i stole your land and killed your people” day. we are not an easily amused family, clearly…


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