An Elephant Never Forgets (to pay lip-service to the rich)

So did anyone actually make it through the GOP debate on economic policy last night? I sure didn’t. I wanted to see the much-awaited debut of Fred Thompson, and ended up not making it past the 35 minute mark.

What drove me crazy? There was Thompson drawling on about how excellent the economy is doing, despite the fact that he’s in Michigan. Yet the delusional folks at the NY Times seem to think that he somehow “avoided any notable missteps.”. Mm. Indeed.  I was, however, both horrified and relieved to see that this is the GOP dream guy.

Then there was Romney bragging on about how frequently (over 800 times, I believe) he took a shit all over our Constitution by using line-item vetoes. Then there was the horror of me actually agreeing with Rudy Giuliani while he explained back to Romney that line-item vetoes are unconstitutional. Because, you know, they are. And thank god for that.

There was Tancredo somehow turning all of our economic woes into a rant about the brown people, and Brownback pretending that he actually knows anything about, well, anything.

But what really drove me over the edge, for some reason, was listening to McCain first completely avoid the question of whether or not its fair that the richest Americans pay 15% in taxes while the “average guy” pays 30%, then when pressed finally spurt out “sure it’s fair,” and then literally ten minutes later argue “we know that the tax code is eminently unfair.” That was when I started yelling at my TV screen and decided that, no, I really couldn’t take anymore.

That was apparently a mistake, though, because according to Salon, at around the 90 minute mark, Brownback launched into both an impassioned defense of his mother (???) and a diatribe about how the trouble with the economy is the fault of all those homos with their man on dog sex. Or wait, wasn’t that Santorum? Eh. Same fucking guy.

And all the while listening to these old, pasty, sad clowns go on about how we need to lower taxes even though we have a massive deficit, and how we need to cut every kind of spending except for the real drain of the war, even though half the guys up on that stage have voted for massive, ridiculous spending, not to mention going on about how the problem with the American economy is that there’s too much regulation, not that we allow the corporations to do whatever the fuck they want and get rich while laying people off and cutting their health insurance and retirement benefits . . . . all I could think is who the hell buys this shit? Because there aren’t enough millionaires to prop these guys up. And there aren’t enough psycho evangelical voters, even with the millionaires, to prop them up, either. So someone is buying it. And that’s even more depressing than listening to Tom Tancredo.

0 thoughts on “An Elephant Never Forgets (to pay lip-service to the rich)

  1. Psycheout

    Oh c’mon! Sam Brownback was the best of the bunch and you know it. He actually believes what he says and says what he believes. The man has principles and sticks to them!

    He’s also the only GOP candidate, perhaps the only GOP Senator, actually trying to find a political solution for Iraq BEFORE 2009. Now that’s leadership. That’s knowing something. And that’s doing something.

    You’d have to admit that the Biden-Brownback plan is a big step in the right direction. Perhaps Joe and Sam should be the nominees from their respective parties. What say you?

  2. Cara Post author

    I say that your blog looks like one of those joke blogs for Brownback, but Brownback supporters are so crazy that it can be really hard to tell. (Who here knows?)Obviously you won’t tell me if it is a joke, but I do have to say that it’s not particularly funny.

    Oh, and if the country ever did get nutty enough to elect Brownback, I would flee across the border. I know that I was bluffing with Bush, but this would be for real. Luckily, I don’t think that even America is that crazy.

  3. brandann

    the irony that the GOP debates were in michigan last night is not lost on me. it is thanx to these ass hats and the belief that the economy is “fine” that michigan’s government is in the state that it is in! i honestly can’t believe that there was a place open in the damned state to host this, w/ all government employees being laid off…

    great ideas, guys, let’s lower taxes, cuz that will help the deficit budget…and let’s keep cutting money to things that don’t matter, ya know like education, and civil servants (cops, firefighters) and anything that helps the lower middle class and poor. i don’t know where these jerks have been living…but it sure isn’t michigan, where i grew up, or here in hawai’i where i am stationed, and even people w/ full time jobs are homeless, b/c noone can afford shit here…

    whew! sorry about the rant, but c’mon people…


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