You Googled What?

A quick break from all the serious and terrible news!

It’s no secret that bloggers love seeing what weird ass Google searches sent visitors to their site. Sometimes, the results are very disturbing. Like last week, there was the frightening “fat girls deserve rape” (which I hope was a search for a quote, not a backing argument), the so horrifying that I can’t bring myself to link to it “five year old getting fuck,” the literately challenged “fuck whole” (I’m number 5!), and, well, all other kinds of fucked up sexual innuendo.

Today, though, I got “aravosis asshole,” for which I think I have made the reasons behind my amusement known (and I’m the number two search result!).

I also managed to pull out “john mayer daughters misogynistic“, which I think is great and hilarious because I love really John Mayer but I really hate that fucking song.

Thanks, Googlers, and keep up the good and very weird work! I can do without some of the pedophilia and rape fantasies, though. Really, I’ll be fine.

And hey, if you’re a blogger, feel free to share some of your own horror/humor stories.

Oh! And for even more feminist fun, go help write the Twelve Days of Christmas Pussy. The more deranged minds, the better!

0 thoughts on “You Googled What?

  1. Leigh

    My favorite that I got was “dogfart gangbang”. Don’t know that I ever wrote anything about dogs farting, or certainly gangbangs.

    The thing I get the most is searches for the Vince Lombardi rest stop on the NJ turnpike, after I wrote a post with that title about a road trip my boyfriend and I took this summer. (FYI: it’s nasty, keep driving and get off at one of the next ones. They have Popeye’s!)

  2. Roy

    I loved the results I was getting so much, I’ve started putting them on the sidebar.

    Unfortunately, the search I get the most, by a wide margin, is variations on the theme “sex with sleeping woman,” which I’ve never actually bothered to check to see what number result I am.

    As for which searches might be my favorites…
    “the truth about chocolate milk” was pretty good (result number 41, now. I’m the top result if you put it in quotes). I’ve always wondered what the lie about chocolate milk was. *sigh*

    I used to be the top result for “ruthless terrorist organization”, but I don’t even see my site on that search anymore.

  3. mom

    About a week ago, I had the very creepy “How to kill a feminist” (thanks to a post I have on my blog entitled, “How to kill your feminist mother” about my 4 year old’s career aspirations…

  4. dew

    Has it really been so long since I’ve left you a comment that wordpress forgot my info? I’m sorry!

    I love seeing what crazy searches other people get! When I first started my blog, I got a search for “animal sexe filmek” from That was the weirdest I’ve gotten, and for some reason, I kept getting it over and over for a few weeks. My favorite today was “how many book’s has e.l. konigsburg’s wrote?” with “hidden sister sleep sex” as second runner up. Since mine is a books blog, I get tons and tons of searches for school assignments on certain books, and today’s best was “english paper on speak by laurie horse anderson.”


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