Offensive Remark of the Week

Hey, you know what’s funny? Rape!

You know what’s even funnier? When, as a man, a woman insults you, so you respond with “oh yeah, well maybe I’ll rape you!” Ha ha! That never gets old.

Brilliant man that he is, Richard Johnson from Page Six at the NY Post knows this well. You see, some woman named Vanessa Grigoriadis (who I’ve never heard of before), apparently called the Page Six writers “emasculated.” Well, it’s true, that’s a pretty troubling insult from a feminist point of view. All kinds of issues with gender, homophobia, sexism and misogyny there. I guess that Johnson (who whether he personally wrote this piece or not, is responsible for what goes under his byline) is just a gentleman to take the heat off of her, though, by pushing the offensive-meter through the roof.

As for us being “emasculated,” Grigoriadis ignores that fact that half the Page Six staff is female. The male half might take her someplace private and disprove her theory, but we don’t like a woman with a mustache.

Get it? Because raping women shows how masculine you are! Even better, there’s nothing like a good old gang rape to put bitches in their place.

I keep reading that last sentence over and over again because there’s just too much to dissect. First, there’s the shock that a newspaper — even a shitty rag like the Post — would print such a thing.

There’s the idea that if sex is a way to prove masculinity (which our culture always insists it is), rape somehow has to be a one-up. Like raping a woman is somehow better than having sex with her.

There’s the arrogance of the “don’t mess with us, bitch” attitude. Apparently having a daily column in a shitty paper about nothing of actual importance gives you a sense of invincibility.

There’s the implication of “just for fun, I’ll take my buddies with me!,” because what, exactly, is a revenge rape without someone to share it with?

There’s the lack of attempt to even hide the fact that this is a threat with the column title of “Emasculated? We’ll See!

There’s the “well, we would rape you, but you’re too ugly” concept. Right there, we get both the reinforcement of the myth that rape is somehow about sexual desire and two insults for the price of one. Those are, in fact, meant to be the two lowest attacks that you can use on a woman, right? Abusing the female fear of rape by using it as a threat, and attacking a woman’s sexual desirability. Doing both at once is, in fact, a classic tactic (see “liberal” male responses to Ann Coulter). And yet, it still manages to shock.

Richard Johnson can be reached at Please, do use that information accordingly.

For more, check out Melissa at Shakes. Thanks to Julie and Jessica for passing on the link.

0 thoughts on “Offensive Remark of the Week

  1. Mary Tracy9

    “Apparently having a daily column in a shitty paper about nothing of actual importance gives you a sense of invincibility.”

    Great! I would add that what gives this man a sense of invincibility is the PATRIARCHY. Men don’t need more than be born male to have overblown egoes.

  2. Katie

    I can’t help but feel terror for Vanessa Grigoriadis. I mean if this one man feels this way… how do the other men in the company feel or react… we really do not know their view… If they all are the same as this asshole what’s to stop them from threatening other women they work with… one can be frightening but a whole company filled with them is terrifying.


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