Offensive Remark of the Week

I don’t think that I have to tell anyone who has ever had the displeasure of seeing his show that Glenn Beck is one of the worst combinations of dickhead and douchebag out there. But when he’s not busy asking American Muslims how we know that they won’t kill us, he takes a bit of time to be smug about people he doesn’t like losing their homes.

Referring to the Southern California wildfires:

“I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.”

Ah, yes. Liberal = Southern California. Liberal = hateful of America. Liberal = it’s kind of cute (but unfortunate for them!) when they lose their homes and potentially face mortal danger.

Nice job there, Glenn. I’m sure that you’ll go back to your McMansion tonight feeling very accomplished.

Oh, and by the way — in those fires that it’s so fun to flippantly bring up, 500,00 people have been displaced, around 1,300 homes and business have been destroyed and two deaths have been confirmed. So far. Yeah, Beck’s right. That would suck for them.

UPDATE: This is breaking — Glenn Beck is still an asshole.

“We joke a lot about, you know, the Hollywood crowd living in Southern California. For example, I believe I have advocated Hollywood building giant air conditioners so they can fix the global-warming problem. I’m pretty sure I was joking then.” He further stated, “But you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t engaged your brain. So let me be serious for a minute. Let me extraordinarily clear. I clearly do not want anyone’s house to be burned down.”

Thanks for calling me stupid, there, Glenn, but I think that it’s clearly you who is not understanding. I got that it was a “joke.” I think that everyone got that it was a “joke.” The reason we’re angry is that making fun of people whose houses are burning down is NOT FUNNY.

Seriously, who is lacking the brain, here?

0 thoughts on “Offensive Remark of the Week

  1. Cara Post author

    Haha — is Glenn Beck an MRA? OH YEAH.

    My favorite pizza place has several tvs on the walls and they’re always playing CNN. For some reason, whenever I go there Glenn Beck’s show is on. Luckily it’s on closed captions so I don’t have to listen to the guy, but sometimes I can’t help but read what he’s saying.

    And I really, really fucking hate him. A lot.

  2. metamanda

    Offensive and ignorant. San Diego and Orange Counties are pretty Republican. There’s a bunch of military bases in the area. LA is a mix. Since when does Southern California = Liberal?

  3. brandann

    i am pretty sure if it can’t be bombed, deployed to or conquered…they really don’t give a flying rat’s ass…

    and even then that only matters if there are assests involved.


    *slams head on computer desk for third time tonight*

  4. Cara Post author

    I really hate it when people refuse to apologize on the grounds that they were making a joke. It takes such a large ego. Just because it’s a joke doesn’t make it funny or not offensive. I’ve made jokes that have offended people. Do I say “well you must be stupid and just don’t understand my super-sophisticated sense of humor?” No, I say “I’m sorry. I was just kidding around, I didn’t mean to be hurtful.”

    Then again, when I offend people with my jokes, it’s not usually this bad. If I made a joke this offensive, I would say “I was trying to make a joke, but it was a completely inappropriate joke to make. It was in bad taste, I never should have said it, and I apologize to all of those who have been injured or lost homes.”

    But not Beck. He’s still too busy insisting that he’s smarter than us, despite all evidence to the contrary.

  5. Cara Post author

    I thought so! It’s extra awesome because it’s so obviously a promo picture, which means it’s apparently how he wants to be seen.


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