Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Reason #8637 why we know we can’t trust Rudy Giuliani:

Sen. Sam Brownback pronounced himself “much more comfortable” with Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion after the one-time rivals for the Republican presidential nomination discussed the issue Thursday.

If you need a refresher course on Brownback’s politics, brace yourself. And if you need reminded of the first 8636 reasons why you can’t trust Giuliani, be prepared to not want to get out of bed for a few days.

And bookmark both of those articles, because they’re highly useful. Rolling Stone may be absolute shit when it comes to women’s issues or even when it comes to respecting women as more than just naked bodies, but when it comes to unflinching political and social exposé, they’re almost too good. Reading that magazine, I regularly learn more about our crazy, sad, evil government than I ever wanted to know.

0 thoughts on “Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

  1. katie

    Wow… I am a Christian and that first article made me sick! It makes me sad that this is the face that most people see Christians as.
    “In its place will be a country so suffused with God and the free market that the social fabric of the last hundred years — schools, Social Security, welfare — will be privatized or simply done away with. There will be no abortions; sex will be confined to heterosexual marriage. Men will lead families, mothers will tend children, and big business and the church will take care of all.”
    All I can think of is where is the freedom that this country stands for… that kind of policy is what made our ancestors come here in the first place.

    I remember one time in the University I went to, (christian college) we had a guest speaker. he asked the students to raise their hands if they voted for bush. most students did. then he asked how many voted for him for his worship style. again most hands were raised. At this point I stood up and walked out of the room. What is it about these people that they shut off their brains when politics and religion collide? I am a christian and I make rational choices about who and what I vote for. It isn’t hard!

  2. Cara Post author

    Thanks for making this point, Katie. As an atheist who feels like she is constantly surrounded by religious nutbags in a country that’s turning into a theocracy, it’s good to have a clear reminder that there are, in fact, reasonable and rational believers out there. It would be nice if the media picked up on that every so often, too.

  3. rich

    I think moderate Christians receive their share of coverage in the media, except they do not invoke the name of God nearly so often in their discussion of politics, and so we do not associate them with religion in our minds (just a theory).


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