Offensive Remark of the Week: Tucker Carlson is Still a Massive Douche Edition

Let’s be clear: I’m annoyed with Eleanor Smeal right now, over her claims that the Dems’ attacks on Hillary Clinton during the last debate were sexist. I think that she’s wrong, and though I don’t know what her motives are (she may in fact genuinely feel that way, and I hope so), I do know that she has endorsed Sen. Clinton.

That being said, she’s a very intelligent woman and strong feminist leader. For some reason, though, she still went on Tucker. Oh, you better believe that just about everything Carlson says is outrageous and offensive. Read (or watch) the whole thing, if you dare. But one part stuck out to me (and Media Matters) most:

CARLSON: You don’t sort of look down a little bit on women, though, who would vote for her, partly because she’s a woman? I mean, doesn’t that —

SMEAL: No, absolutely not.

CARLSON: So, you think that’s an important, legitimate criterion in a candidate —

SMEAL: I think that —

CARLSON: — the sex, the gender?

SMEAL: Well, I think that — I think all other things being equal — I mean, let’s face it, she’s very qualified. But the reality is, you also would like to break this glass ceiling. You would like to have some representation. I mean, it’s embarrassing, Tucker. We’re 68th in the world for representation of women in our Congress.

CARLSON: I’m not embarrassed. I almost — when I get up at a baseball game and sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” I don’t hang my head because we don’t have enough women in Congress. I’m actually not embarrassed by it at all.

SMEAL: Well, it has nothing to do with your baseball game, obviously.

CARLSON: I’m just saying. I don’t know why —

SMEAL: I mean, it has nothing to do with that.

CARLSON: I don’t know why that’s embarrassing. You could make the counter case that most women are so sensible, they don’t want to get involved in something as stupid as politics.

SMEAL: Oh, give me a break!

CARLSON: They’ve got real things to do. [emphasis mine]

Oh, nice one Tucker. I’m sure that women do have better things to do . . . like get their nails done and bake, right?

. . .

When was the last time that you saw this level of patronization? There’s not only the fact that he feels the need to point out right after this statement that 52% of of voters are women (to make another sexist point, oblivious to the fact that it disproves this one). There’s also the incredibly obvious fact that Tucker in no way thinks that politics are “stupid.” The man has dedicated his entire pathetic professional life to politics. And while I’ll be the first to admit that Tucker Carlson certainly is stupid, and that the things he focuses on are stupid, there’s no way that he thinks that politics are stupid. Nope, he’s just an asshat who thinks that women are ridiculous and trivial enough to think that politics are stupid.

In the same exchange, he also feels the need to argue — as he regularly does — that the male Democratic candidates are “wimpy” and “not manly.” Clearly, he has forgotten (or, for good reason wants to forget) his brief and embarrassing stint on Dancing with the Stars:

Now don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with men dancing. In fact, with the right guy and the right movies, dancing it hot (Tucker is none of the above).

And I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wearing an open gold shirt while you dance or posing like an extra-lame version of Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing, if that’s what you’re into. More power to you, Swayze fans. All I’m saying is that for a man who seemingly can’t let a single hour pass without displaying how desperate and anxious his masculinity is, for a man who is insistent on calling other men wimps and getting a hard-on every time a Republican male “talks tough,” you might want to avoid embarrassing photos like, oh, say the one above.

I don’t think that the Democratic male candidates are particularly feminine. But Edwards isn’t exactly the epitome of virile masculinity, and I couldn’t care less. And if he was feminine, or gay (whether masculine or feminine),I still wouldn’t care.  What I do think is 1. Tucker Carlson is a massive douche 2. Tucker Carlson is a massive misogynist and 3. if you’re going to criticize other people’s gender performances, you better take a good hard look at your own gender performance first.

0 thoughts on “Offensive Remark of the Week: Tucker Carlson is Still a Massive Douche Edition

  1. gretchen

    Tucker Carlson will never understand the pull that many women feel towards Hillary Rodham Clinton because, as a white male, he’s ALWAYS seen people who look like him in politics and has mostly seen candidates who look like him when he pulls the lever in the voting booth. He thinks this is “stupid” because he refuses to see the discrimination evident in U.S. politics today and thinks this is trivial because HE’S NEVER HAD TO DEAL WITH IT.

    What an assclown. Seriously. Look outside your privileged white male Christian world for half a second, Tuck.

  2. Cara Post author

    Ha– I think that if he tried, he might suffer a siezure, or at least a nervous breakdown. His brain would in no way be able to comprehend it.

  3. jovan byars

    Totally agree with the very last sentence. Tucker needs to take a long, hard look at how neocon men have totaled this country. It is people like Carlson who really drags this country down in the dirt.

    I am gonna name him as an Asshole of the Week on Friday.

  4. Cara Post author

    There’s probably rules against dancing and wearing a bowtie at the same time.

    Also, there should be rules against wearing bowties, period. So the dancers of the world are ahead of the rest of us, in that respect.

  5. Kevin

    Now now, honey — you don’t want to worry your pretty little head about something confusing and nasty like politics. We wouldn’t want you to faint. That’s for us men to worry about. You run along, now, and buy yourself a frilly little bedroom outfit for later.

  6. rich

    Tucker has mastered the debate tactic of arguing by interrupting/talking over his opponent. Used properly, it relieves the debate of reason and pisses off those suckers who still believe in “logic.” Props to his skills, and apparently also to his knack for dance.

  7. RachelPhilPa

    So that picture on the right, what is that, the “strappado” dance position? Pretty representative to what he does to women in general.


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