A Preview of Things to Come

Well, unlike with Guitar Hero, at least we couldn’t have expected any better. It is good to know, though, that Rockstar has maintained its misogynist integrity. I’d hate to see them compromise their hate of women for something as silly as not insulting them.

If you want to get even more pissed off, check out the comments on this thread, where posters are completely incapable of differentiating between prudishness and and a distaste for mindless objectification of women, or between “sexually suggestive” and “woman’s half naked, pornographically reminiscent body.” Cause, you know, only women have sexual organs and/or the ability to turn anyone on, what with their boobs and all. Good times.

0 thoughts on “A Preview of Things to Come

  1. Cara Post author

    — And to clarify, I don’t mean my appreciation of that phrase in a “let’s insult sex workers” kind of way. I mean it in a “this billboard insults sex workers and all other women” sort of way, by trying to make them into that description.

  2. Ran

    Oh, certainly. I didn’t mean it as a comment on actual sex workers, only as a comment on the (presumably fictive) woman in the billboard.

  3. Michelle

    I hate objectification and people who tell me i should just accept it – why should I – wish i could pump certain people full of silicone and see how they like it


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