Where They Stand

All this week, NBC Nightly News is apparently airing a several-part series called African-American Women and Where They Stand. The link provides a full summary of topics for each show. It sounds . . . interesting. Some of the topics they didn’t choose for discussion are telling, as are the topics they did choose. And anytime the mainstream media tries to cover any issues affecting a specific demographic, particularly not a white middle-class straight demographic, you know that it’s going to be show. Quite potentially an offensive show — though I genuinely hope that it’s not.

So, for those of you in the U.S., it seems like NBC Nightly News airs at 6:30 (though it may be different depending on time zone?). I’ll be trying to watch as much of it as possible and I might be blogging about it. Thought you might want to know!


UPDATE: Okay, so now I’m pissed off. First of all the segment could not have possibly been more than 3 whole minutes. I’d give it two. Tonight’s theme was education, and how black women are succeeding disproportionately to black men. Which struck me as a strange concept anyway for a piece that is supposedly about black women. I mean, by all means, run these stories and ask the questions. That needs to be done. But if you’re going to do a story on black women and education, don’t you think that it should maybe be more about why these achievements are happening, the benefits to community, to children, etc.? And not about how black men are lagging behind?

And yeah, I have to admit that when they scream statistics in these frightened voices about how 62% of black spending power is controlled by women!!! We need to fix it!!! I can’t do much more than roll my eyes. Not because I don’t care about black men. Not because I want women to be at an advantage over men. But because whenever you show statistics about women lagging behind, or how we still make somewhere around 75% of what men do, there’s also an immediate follow-up about how that’s actually our own fault. I don’t say that black men should be getting that kind of treatment, but I am pissed that the media gets themselves into a tizzy when men lag behind and just yawn when it’s women. Of any color.

I can’t say that I’ll waste my time watching again. Three minutes of a story about black women that isn’t actually about black women, and even if it was would be almost completely useless do to time constraints? And don’t even get me started on how they put it in the puff piece spot. It didn’t have to go there; there are plenty of other “longer” news stories slots.

Did anyone else see it?

0 thoughts on “Where They Stand

  1. Mary Tracy9

    “I am pissed that the media gets themselves into a tizzy when men lag behind and just yawn when it’s women.”

    WELL SAID!!! It reminds me on how, when men bring up the inqualities they suffer with regard to child custody, then it’s women’s fault, but when women remind the world that they still earn less than men, then it’s again women’s fault. GRRRR!


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