2008: Questions, Vindication, Amusement

So, Emily’s List is a pretty cool organization. They draft, run and support pro-choice, female candidates for political office. But apparently they have come out with an ad campaign in Iowa pushing women to vote for Clinton in the primary. And, of course, we can’t expect otherwise. It’s what they do.

But as someone who’s still praying like hell to a god that she doesn’t believe in that Edwards somehow manages to pull of the Iowa Primary and we won’t get stuck with such a fucking centrist (and instead get a kind of liberal liberal). . . I really can’t help but want to scream NOOOOOOO!!!! at the top of my lungs.

I know that I’m not the only one who’s not supporting Clinton for the nomination out there, so I ask: how are we meant to feel about this?

And speaking of those of you backing another candidate, it seems that we can officially declare Kucinich to be made of FAIL. Why? Dude was asked who he would have as a running mate, and what did he say? Ron Paul. You know, Ron fucking Paul, the white-supremacist, anti-choice wacknut who wants to get rid of the IRS and have a gold-backed currency? Yeah, him.

So, though I feel the pain for those of you who had faith in the weird, earnest man, I have to say that I feel officially vindicated. I always knew that there was something about the guy that I didn’t like. Was it the anti-choice past, the creepy demeanor? I don’t know. I agree with the guy on paper and yet, there was something about him. Something that made me shake my head no and get disapproving looks from the super-liberals. It sucked. But my position has been redeemed. And now, I no longer have to feel guilty about not liking/backing the guy, because it has been proven: he’s fucked in the head.

And lastly in election news, break out the popcorn, folks, in a little over an hour, it will finally be time for the Republican YouTube Debate!  Remember how it got canceled because Mitt Romney threw a fit that the Dems were asked a question about global warming by a snow man, and then all of the other Republicans followed suit because they were scared to actually answer to the public? Well, they always claimed that they would reschedule, and to my great surprise, they did.

I’m holding no great hopes: CNN has already promised to not air the exact same kinds of questions that they did air for the Democratic debate. But Anderson Cooper is going to be moderating, and for those of you who don’t remember him doing the Democratic debate, he is the only moderator so far to actually bother to keep the candidates in line, hold them to their time restritions and make them answer the damn questions. Don’t let me down, Silver Fox. Oh, and the snow man has submitted a question. If it makes it to air, and particularly if it goes to Romney, it will all be worth it.

0 thoughts on “2008: Questions, Vindication, Amusement

  1. Kate

    RON PAUL? Please tell me he didn’t… GOD DAMNIT! NO! NO NO NO! *sigh* For once I thought I had a candidate. Kucinich even came to speak in Hawaii! Nobody EVER comes to Hawaii much less addresses the very real and atrocious situation of the Hawaiians! (At least not when I lived there) I still will not resign myself to voting for Edwards though… something about him just makes me think he’s smarmy.

  2. rich

    Ah fuck you Cara, I know you’re loving nailing Kucinich to the wall…what a dumbass, why would he suggest such a ticket. Looks like Biden and Dodd are looking better and better…damn it.

  3. Cara Post author

    Okay, I was totally going to answer this with a laugh when I started reading, but NO WAY. Dodd is fine, but I hate Biden almost as much as I hate the Republican candidates. I will frantically promote Kucinich or fucking Gravel before I can stand behind anyone supporting Biden. The guy is a rampant racist and misogynist, not to mention his blatant anger management problem.

  4. Cara Post author

    Uh, Anita Hill trial. Misogyny covered.

    Anytime he talks about issues affecting black people he comes off as outrageously condescending and imperialistic (“we need to teach them” shit) not to mention his comments about Obama and how great it was to finally have a black candidate that was “articulate and clean.” Which was racist on the level of assuming that black people would not be articular and clean and therefore feeling the need to remark upon Obama’s extraordinary articulateness and cleanness, and pretty damn insulting since, you know, Al Sharpton has previously run. Personally, I’m not of the “well he said he was sorry” variety of people.

  5. rich

    I am not familiar with the specifics of the Anita Hill trial, only the bare bones of it; I’ll read more into it. And I did not know he referenced blacks like that. Well, fair enough, I guess that leaves Dodd. I kind of like Bill Richardson too, looks like I’m down to 2 candidates. Or maybe I’m feeling the Gold standard after all…

  6. Cara Post author

    Heh. I personally can’t stand Bill Richardson, either, but I don’t object to him on completely moral grounds. So that’s something.

  7. RachelPhilPa

    Ok, I guess I’m done with Dennis (*sigh*). Dude, why RON PAUL?

    RE Clinton, I’m really torn. On the one hand, she’s pro-war, anti-gay, and cozying up way too much with the xtianists.

    But, whenever I see her getting attacked for her gender, or called “that bitch”, I’m tempted to vote for her just to say “fuck you” to the patriarchydudes.

    I suppose I’ll go with Edwards, but I think that Clinton would at least be marginally better than any Rethuglican candidate (Rudy, for instance). And there’s really no comparison between her and someone like Tancredo, or Ron Paul, for fuck’s sake.


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