Guess Who Died

Because I am a morbid (some might say “bad”) person, “guess who died” is a game that I play a lot with my husband. As in, I’m reading the news and say “Holy shit! Guess who died . . . no, seriously, guess.” Today, it’s an interesting one: Henry Hyde.

The aptly named Mr. Hyde is the man responsible for the infamous Hyde Amendment, the law that bars federal money from going towards funding for abortion — effectively taking away the right of poor women to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

He also led the House Impeachment process of President Clinton. Though, for the record, the Catholic representative and supposed moral crusader was revealed to have had an extra-marital affair of his own.

Rest in peace there, Hyde. And say “hi” to Reagan and Falwell to me. If there were indeed any justice in this world, and therefore an afterlife, I can confidently say that you would all be in the same place.

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