Crucified Jesus Hearts Huckabee’s Policies

So, hopefully we all know by now that Mike Huckabee is 100% certifiably insane. From opposing emergency contraception to comparing any kind of sex with a condom to domestic abuse and drunk driving and both comparing abortion to terrorism and blaming abortion for the number of undocumented immigrants in the country, he’s just about as irredeemable as it gets.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Think Progress reports that way back in 1997, apparently before he thought that anyone was listening, Huckabee claimed that Jesus’ own crucifixion proved his support the death penalty. And it’s even crazier than it sounds:

“Interestingly enough,” Huckabee allowed, “if there was ever an occasion for someone to have argued against the death penalty, I think Jesus could have done so on the cross and said, ‘This is an unjust punishment and I deserve clemency’.”

So . . . Huckabee, the Baptist minister who claims Jesus to be his personal Lord and Savior, once compared Jesus Christ to the brutal murderers he has condemned to state-sponsored killing.

You know, I’m an atheist, and I’ll admit that my Biblical knowledge is a bit rusty — but the last time I checked, Jesus supported forgiveness for criminals and would have only not spoken out about his own crucifixion because, um, martyrs don’t complain. And Jesus had to be a martyr in order to die for the sins of humankind and therefore allow sinners into Heaven.

But apparently Huckabee got some special Baptist education that I didn’t get at Catholic school, in which Jesus condoned and supported the horrible treatment that he himself was subjected to, even though he spoke out against the religious persecution of others. And I can only presume that Huckabee thinks that Jesus kind of deserved to be hung up on that cross — since he didn’t argue for his own clemency, and all — just like he thinks that the prisoners subjected to our death penalty deserve to be killed. Or he wouldn’t have made the comparison. Between Jesus and serial killers.

All I know is that the dude makes Ron Paul look rational. And though I don’t believe in Jesus, even I give the guy more credit and basic respect than that.

0 thoughts on “Crucified Jesus Hearts Huckabee’s Policies

  1. rich

    Must be a slow news day to be writing about something crazy that Mike Huckabee said, which is everything that has and will come out of his mouth.

    I remember reading the article when he said that abortion decrease the numbers in our workforce, and that causes a mass influx of immigration. It’s hilarious until you think of how this man is actually in a position of political power in this country.

    “Interestingly enough,” Huckabee allowed, “if there was ever an occasion for someone to have argued against the death penalty, I think Jesus could have done so on the cross and said, ‘This is an unjust punishment and I deserve clemency’.”

    That cracked me up big time though. He’s like the Mozart of shitting on reason.

  2. Jenee

    By that logic, Jesus also silently agreed with his torture and horrific manner in which he was killed. Let’s bring back crucifixion, since Jesus didn’t speak up about it when he was being crucified! If he didn’t say it was bad, it must mean he meant it was good! This man is a nutjob.

  3. jovan byars

    I’ve been blogging about Mike “Taliban” Huckabee and his strawman claims for the past month and a quarter now. One thing that he and the other anti-choice moonbats never mentions is the fact that over 252 million women have been slaughtered by their policies since 07/04/1776.

    And about the death penalty: that IS murder. The former slave states have combined to murder more than 1,200 human beings since 1977, with more than 400 of those legal murders coming in Texas alone in that time frame. California, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, the Dakotas, and Pennsylvania have also participated in state-sponsored murder since 1977. The death penalty should be abolished. No civilized country would allow for any method of execution.

  4. roses

    *sighs* And here I thought Mike Huckabee’s abortion/immigration correlation was the stupidest thing he could possibly say.

    Jesus did argue against the death penalty:

    You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. – Matthew 5:38-39

  5. Jay

    Does anyone know a link to what he said both before and after that? I know someone who said that it was a joke he made and people are taking it out of context by simply quoting a small part of it and acting like he is serious. Everywhere i look though only has this one quote, and nothing else. I am looking to find the truth, as to whether an article like this is fair or unfair. So I need to see more of it, if someone could post a link, it would be a big help. Thanks in advanced.


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