16 Days Links

My apologies for the brevity of my posting, today. I’m doing work for Planned Parenthood, have a husband sick with the flu to look after and may in fact be coming down with something myself.

In lieu, here are some links that ought to be read, some new, some which I have been holding on to and sadly will not get the chance to write about, all related to the topic of gender violence.

The must-read story of a Filipina woman who has been fighting for justice in her rape case since 1996 and is now taking her case to the UN’s Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. The survivor’s bravery is astonishing, as is her extreme patience with rape myths and her determination to shatter them.

The first person story of a Ugandan woman who immigrated to the UK and subsequently received horrendous treatment at the hands of the government. Refusing to help a woman because she is an undocumented immigrant, and then removing her children from her for the same reason is violence.

A similar story that took place in the U.S. — a Brazilian woman being held by police on immigration violations was illegally refused the right to breastfeed her infant. Authorities claim to have not known that breast feeding was a guaranteed right — but despite numerous requests, they refused to check.

More on the extreme sexual violence taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On female supporters of female genital mutilation. A nuanced, interesting and anti-racist analysis that ultimately comes down on the side that it should.

An Australian woman who was held by Japanese police and refused medical attention when she reported her rape by a U.S. solider has lost her claim of police cruelty. It’d be nice to know what qualifies.

The painful, racist and dangerous indifference of the media and public towards black women who are victims of violence. It’s nothing new, but thank god people are actually starting to talk about it in more mainstream forums.

And lastly, Ann brings our attention to Abuse Aware — a new website that visually documents the effects of domestic abuse.

Have more stories and analysis on the topic of gender violence that you think need to be read? Leave the links in the comments, and don’t shy away from the shameless self-promotion. Just, please, use HTML to do it. And on a related note don’t forget to get in those links to the Carnival Against Violence Against Women — tomorrow’s your last shot!

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