This Week in Dem-ocracy

So, the Dems are apparently dropping the new hate crime legislation that would protect against crimes based on gender, sexual orientation or disability. They’re afraid that it will block the Pentagon policy bill that it’s attached to — and the hate crime bill is only attached because it apparently couldn’t get anywhere on its own. So much for that. [I’m still pissed at HRC, too, but this is the best explanation I’ve found about what happened since the bill passed the Senate a few months ago.] I have to say, I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t just cut out the “gender” provision — it worked so well for ENDA, didn’t it? And in any case, what the hell happened to forcing the assholes to publicly pick a side and leave a mark on their voting records?

In other news, the stupid 60-vote majority rule in the Senate is stopping a new environmental protection bill. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, since the bill was, you know, good. It would have increased fuel economy standards by 40% and put new taxes on the oil industry — and god knows that we can’t take any of this silly global warming stuff out on the oil or auto giants, what with their penchant for temper tantrums.

Oh, the Dems also backed down from their promise to not cut taxes without finding a way to pay for it. In all honesty, this bill did have to be passed, or everyone would be late getting their tax returns and that would piss us off a lot more than a broken promise. But it is pretty shattering to see a good, noble and necessary pledge get flushed down the toilet.

But hey, don’t worry — if a bill giving more money to abstinence-only programs comes up, you can count on them to pass that shit so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Someone want to take a guess as to why Congressional approval ratings are so low? For fuck’s sake, people, I know that you’re Democrats, and that pretty much means by definition that you have to shoot yourselves in the foot and back down faster than you can say “uncle,” but get it together.

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