Take the Planned Parenthood Survey

I’ve made it no secret on this blog that I have a total crush on Planned Parenthood (and work there as an intern). PPFA is currently doing a survey of anyone who has been involved with the organization this year — through online advocacy, volunteering, receiving email alerts, using their services, etc. — to work out advocacy strategies for the upcoming year. This is important stuff! I definitely had plenty of input and ideas to give them (Number 1: bring back I Am Emily X). I know that a lot of you out there are creative, intelligent and enthusiastic pro-choice advocates, so I know that you will, too.

Help them out, take the survey. I did it carefully and left written comments, and it only took me around ten minutes. That’s the time it takes to read and comment on a longer blog post, so no excuses, fellow internet addicts.

0 thoughts on “Take the Planned Parenthood Survey

  1. RachelPhilPa

    I do donate to PP of PA, and feel that they do very good work. But, at least in Pennsylvania, they have a reputation of being very hostile to trans and gender-variant people, to the extent that trans men won’t go to PP for gyno services.

    A friend of mine told me that when she was working at PP in Phila, that they pressured a co-worker of hers out her job. The co-worker was a cisgendered female, but was rather masculine in presentation, and was pushed out b/c the other workers were hostile to her gender variance.

    I just wish that they’d get their act together and understand that people come in all genders, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations.

  2. Cara Post author

    I have heard these kinds of complaints before. I know that my affiliate is currently working on attracting LGBTQ patients and creating a more friendly atmosphere in that regard. What is hard is that while there’s federal Planned Parenthood, the groups that run the clinics are subsidiaries. And though they all follow some of the same basic rules, they are in many regards run as separate organizations. I have heard from the higher ups that it is a real passion of Cecile Richards, the new CEO, to streamline operations around the country. Some affiliates are annoyed about that, but I think it’s a good thing, and so do the people I work with.

  3. Cara Post author

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but yes! I can’t think of anything more fun than passing on the joy of promoting orgies and killing babies!

    I even encourage non-pregnant teens to go to Planned Parenthood. So that they can have pre-emptive abortions, of course.

  4. Vlad

    I did not mention “killing babies”- you did. At the second thought why don’t you just delete my comments- I am not sure I can be proud of a link from your site. sorry.

  5. Cara Post author

    Nope, keeping them now! Thanks for visiting. And for the record folks, Vlad’s site is anti-choice hilarity all around! I couldn’t recommend it more highly for your daily fix of aggravation towards misogynist ignorance and propaganda.

  6. Cara Post author

    Are you trying to win some kind of non sequitur award? Or just a lying misogynist award? In any case, I’m not responsible for handing out either.

  7. BettyBoondoggle

    So, the only by forcing a child to go through a pregnancy from rape is it possible to prove rape happened?

    Aside from the non sequitur award, mr. misogyny here wins the heartless bastard award

  8. Vlad

    Why do you resort to name calling? It is clearly against the “comment policy” on this blog. So much for following your own rules.

    “So, the only by forcing a child to go through a pregnancy from rape is it possible to prove rape happened?”

    Forcing an abortion is not an answer either.

    You are calling me bastard because I would want to know whether or not my daughter visited PP and had an abortion?

  9. Cara Post author

    It’s also explicitly in the comment policy that I don’t tolerate misogynist or anti-choice bullshit. It doesn’t say anything about name calling, only insults, and I think it’s pretty clear who kicked that off.

    No one is talking about forcing abortion. In fact, feminists and pro-choice advocates are very against forced-abortions, just like we’re opposed to forced-birth. Because unlike you, we don’t believe in forcing women to do anything in respect to their bodies. You’d know that if you listened to what women had to say instead of plugging your ears and convincing yourself that you know what’s best for our uteruses.

    And for the record, it’s men like you that cause us to oppose parental notification laws. If we weren’t at risk of parents denying their daughters abortions and forcing them to give birth, it wouldn’t be an issue, now would it?

  10. BettyBoondoggle

    “Why do you resort to name calling?”

    Oh please. As if you’re misogynistic anti-choice crap isn’t far more offensive.

    “Forcing an abortion is not an answer either.”

    Forcing her through pregnancy is nothing short of cruel and inhuman. Period.

    “You are calling me bastard because I would want to know whether or not my daughter visited PP and had an abortion?”

    Nice attempt at spin. I’m calling you a bastard for this “Forcing an abortion is not an answer either.”- and will continue to do so as long as you hold the position. It is inhuman to force a child to go through with a pregnancy. it is inhuman to force any female to go through with a pregnancy she does not want. End of story.

  11. Vlad

    You know nothing about me. I know less about you. I am sorry you have such a predisposition to men. I never forced neither birth nor abortion on any woman. If you can’t give my child an aspirin without notifying me how can you send my child to an abortion clinic behind my back?

    Are confused to find out that there are fathers who love their children?

    What about you listening to women who regret their abortion after being “guided” by PP to the “right choice”? That’s right according to you there are no women who regret their decision.

  12. BettyBoondoggle

    “I am sorry you have such a predisposition to men.”

    Ah, I see. You know nothing about me but that still qualifies you to judge my opinion of men. Fuck off, asshat.

    Additionally, the argument – ONCE AGAIN – was never about parental consent laws. But thank you ONCE AGAIN for proving why they are such a tremendously bad idea.

    Of course there are women who regret the decision. I bet you don’t wonder how many of them didn’t regret it until misogynists like yourself called them plenty of horrible names and tore your hair out over imaginary babies.

    Once again, since you’re apparently too slow to catch the point the first two times I wrote it:

    It is inhuman to force a child to go through with a pregnancy. it is inhuman to force any female to go through with a pregnancy she does not want. End of story.

  13. BettyBoondoggle

    I’m kinda wondering if his skull was actually thicker than a vault wall, because DAMN that was one major league moron.


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