Dear Google Searchers:

My site does not contain child porn. Nor does it contain child porn so violent that even pedophiles would call it “rape.” Nor does it contain any rape porn. It doesn’t contain any porn at all, but unfortunately the particular types of porn I have just described are where most of the hits from people looking for porn are coming from. Also, I think that you are bad, bad people who need to be removed from society and/or die a slow and painful death.

It’s bad enough writing about the gang rape of a 10-year-old girl. And I will give some searchers the benefit of the doubt. Someone searching “gang rape 10-year-old” might actually be looking for the story I’ve been writing about. If I’m generous. But here are some of the other searches — without links — that have led readers to my blog over the past couple of days, and which are causing me to lose all faith in humanity:


“10 year olds having sex,” “10 year old female condom,” “rape black girl”, from the past hour “videos of boy raping girl,” and the all-time vomit inducing winner “rape 10 year old girl free” (you know, for pedophiles who don’t want to have to pay for their child porn), that is until literally two minutes ago when I just got “how to have sex with a one year old.”

With regards to the last one, I’m genuinely wondering if I should contact authorities with the IP address (can you do that?). I’m also genuinely considering turning of accessibility to my blog from search engines. If I didn’t get over 100 hits a day from (mostly benign) searches, I would have done so already.

0 thoughts on “Dear Google Searchers:

  1. Cara Post author

    I just did some research. Most of the information is on how to report child porn websites. There wasn’t much on this, but what I did find suggested that I should contact my local FBI office, so I just sent them an email with a copy of all of the information that I had. I also found some news stories about how IP addresses are not always accurate and authorities have charged people incorrectly based on them. That made me hesitant, but also recognize that what the government does with the information I provide is their responsibility and that as a citizen, this is the best I can do.

  2. Faith


    You can also report here

    I’ve reported numerous IP’s and the keyword searches to this site before. And I hate to have to say this, but the searches you are getting are actually not anywhere near as bad as many that I have received. One of my old blogs averaged probably over 50 hits a day or more from men obviously looking for rape, incest, and child porn. Most if not all Feminist bloggers get repeated hits for abusive porn. It’s one of the reasons I stopped blogging at my old blog. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  3. thordora.

    I’d report it if it was my site-I’ve gotten some revolting searches, but nothing illegal(ish).

    The internet has given me much more of a window into people than I ever wanted.

  4. mom

    I’m so so happy that you have found at least an outlet for this information. I urge you to press the issue. Whoever did that last search needs to be found.

  5. Anna

    How very disturbing, Cara. One of my most popular posts was about I Love Lucy as a feminist character. In the post I mentioned the fact that her husband Ricky occasionally spanked her. This post – I discovered – was listed on a porn site and was up for a vote of best spanking posts! I kid you not!

    While that was annoying – it was not nearly as twisted & disturbing as the hits you are getting. My heart aches for the children these predators may find.

  6. Cara Post author

    Just got another one: “fat girls deserve rape.”

    And you know what the most disturbing thing about that is? I swear to god that I notice that search at least a couple of times a month. It’s not even a fucking fluke.


  7. RachelPhilPa

    OMFG, there are so, so, many sick people out there … ok, actually, sick MEN out there. That last one needs to be found and locked up forever.

  8. habladora

    Yeah… realizing how many hits we were getting from pervs was jarring for me too, though I haven’t had to make the ‘do I report this?’ decision yet. But I have started self-editing, thinking about these searches when I decide what to post – I never juxtapose a post about rape with anything about children (although, in the case of the story you mention it is unavoidable). Yet, trying to avoid the pervs and the sickos does not make them disappear, and in this case your reporting the pedophile might actually save a child.

    For some of the funnier (harmless) searches that are clearly looking for porn, it actually makes me chuckle that some wanker looking for “ladies with spanking paddle” gets a big ol’ eye full of feminism at my sight instead of the much hoped-for bums.

  9. Debs

    Definitely report that last one, if you can. That’s really sick and worrying. for some reason I get a lot of searches for “menstual rape pictures” on my blog. Just makes you wonder about some people. x

  10. Cara Post author

    So the bad news is that this post has increased the number of scary searches. The good news is that the people doing those searches are being led to a post telling them to fuck off and die. Who’s winning there, I’m not sure.

  11. Elaine Vigneault

    “Most if not all Feminist bloggers get repeated hits for abusive porn.”

    This is absolutely true.

    This is why feminist bloggers shouldn’t just put up Google ads or whatever without filtering it and thinking about it because a lot of the traffic comes via rape, incest, and porn searches and then leaves via ads based on their searches. The bloggers can make money along the way, but there are some serious ethical issues with that.

    It’s also a reason not to put sexist or misogynistic images above the fold.

  12. Roy

    I feel your pain/disgust, Cara. I get tons of searches like that, as I think I’ve mentioned before, too. I’ve been lucky (I think?) to not get hits based on child molestation, but I do get a lot of the “fat people deserve (insert horrible thing here)” hits.

    It doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth, to be sure.

  13. Cara Post author

    Yeah, here’s the kicker:

    The local FBI authorities contacted me back and said that they want to pursue the case . . . only it turns out that site meter doesn’t provide me with the full IP address of visitors and they can’t do anything without it. So, now that I know they actually want to do something about it (I was skeptical that they could or that they would even care), I’m trying to find out from site meter if they will give me that information if I pay the stupid $7 for their premium services. They say that they provide full IP addresses with it, but whether that will apply retroactively or not, I do not know. Fingers crossed.


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