37th Carnival Against Sexual Violence

The latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence is up at Abyss2hope. As always, it’s good stuff — and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it! Marcella does a great job of putting it together every two weeks, and if you’re not already, you should be reading and/or submitting. Check it out!

0 thoughts on “37th Carnival Against Sexual Violence

  1. jess anders

    I think the lines that the judicial system are afraid to cross is causing more tolerated acts of rape. You have your narcissistic types who (just don’t get it) Trafficking for sex holds so many avenues for sexual predators whether they are predators of children or vulnerable adults.
    Having a collection of sexual gratification (objects) (their view) is wrong period! They use control tactics like filing charges to keep the victims quiet so as to not hinder them from attracting more supply. The legal system needs to grow in this area and understand what the red flags are that point to criminal and not consensual. So many young adults and children are being emotionally and physically raped or abducted from online encounters. This is were technology has surpassed the legality. As society modernizes, so should our awareness.


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