Rape: not just “experimentation” anymore, now also “disagreement.”

Via Samhita, just when you think that government officials couldn’t possibly apologize for rape anymore than they already do, you find out that the world is even shittier than you think. This goes far beyond “offensive remark of the week.”

Date rape should be treated differently from attacks on women by strangers, John Redwood has said.

The former cabinet minister – now a senior Tory party adviser – suggested rape accusations made by women against their partners should be treated as “disagreements” between lovers.

Labour ministers seized on the remarks, which were made in the wake of Tory leader David Cameron’s pledge to toughen up rape laws.

Mr Redwood wrote on his website blog: “They [Labour] decided to set date rape alongside stranger rape.

“None of us want men to rape women, but there is a difference between a man using unreasonable force to assault a woman on the street, and a disagreement between two lovers over whether there was consent on one particular occasion.

“Labour’s doctrine of equivalence has led to jury scepticism about many rape claims, in situations where it is the man’s word against the woman’s and where they had agreed to spend the evening or night together.”

I’m so angry right now that I can’t even speak, and I’m also on my way out the door, which means that I don’t have the time to. But this much has to be said: remember about a month ago, when David Cameron made his remarks about how he wanted to toughen rape laws and I expressed skepticism? And everyone thought that I was being too hard on the guy? Since I’d like to see rape laws reformed, I wish that those people were right. I always did.  But as it turns out, Redwood is one of Cameron’s closest advisers. Also, he has already refused to retract or apologize for the statements — saying that Cameron would certainly agree with them.

If I were in England, I would be off to Redwood’s office right now with a placard and some deep breathing techniques to dissuade myself from any acts of violence. But being where I am, I’m off to work instead. Though I certainly would encourage any of you actually nearby to get your asses moving in my place.

0 thoughts on “Rape: not just “experimentation” anymore, now also “disagreement.”

  1. akeeyu

    This seems to be the same flavor of stupid that declares that molesting someone else’s kid is worse than molesting your own (stiffer penalties, etc). Personally, I think non-stranger rape/molestation is its own circle of hell because of the whole betrayal-of-trust and destruction-of-social-support issue.

    I was having this discussion with my husband once and he said “It’s property rights. The people making these laws and statements don’t care if you rape your OWN kids/girlfriend/wife, etc, because that’s considered your property, but they get really mad if you infringe on the property rights of other men.”

    This seems to be the same thing. Of course you shouldn’t file rape charges against your boyfriend! He owns that pussy!

  2. Cara Post author

    Sadly, I think that your boyfriend is 100% right. Though it is always really refreshing to hear about the guys out there who do get it. Even being married to one, it can sometimes be easy reading this kind of shit to forget that they’re out there.

  3. Anna

    Date rape is, in many respects, WORSE!!! because it involves an abuse of trust and the exercise of physical power in the act of betraying this trust. There is no trust to be violated – on this level – between strangers (this is not to excuse, by any means, stranger rape?. ALSO!!!!! the emotional trauma of having one’s trust violated!

    What’s with these men?!

  4. RachelPhilPa

    What the FUCK is WRONG with these men? Does NOTHING ever change with them?

    * Rachel reaches for her copy of The S.C.U.M. Manifesto *

  5. zombie z

    I wrote about this too. All I have to say is: 😦

    Sadly…I’ve seen people on less-intelligent-minded blogs basically agreeing with the sentiment and toting off BS (aka blantant misinformation) about women “lying” about rape happening…

  6. akeeyu

    Oh, and there’s always this:

    “…there is a difference between a man using unreasonable force to assault a woman on the street…”

    It really does beg the question: In this man’s mind, is there a REASONABLE amount of force that can be employed when assaulting a woman on the street?

  7. D. Cordes

    I was interested in this topic but found it difficult to read because of the use of disgusting language. Why would someone with a degree in English (from UWS – really?) be so bereft of vocabulary as to resort to gutter language. It isn’t clever. It is ugly, ignorant and sad.

    If this blog is representative of modern feminism I would have to say the revolution, for which so many of us worked so hard, did not achieve its goals, one of which was to liberate young women from attachment to male-invented gutter language which often refers in derogatory fashion, to sexual intercourse, or to female body parts.

    I won’t be reading the blog again, but for young women who might, do them a favour and ban vulgar language that insults anyone who reads it.

  8. Cara Post author

    Oh noes, D. Cordes told me.

    What I love most is that Cordes somehow expects us to believe that sie is a feminist. Really, a government official says that date rape is a “disagreement,” and the best sie can say is “I can’t believe you swore?” Um . . . yeah. That’s the kind of feminist reader I want.

    And for the record, I reread the post and I didn’t swear here. I have no idea why, but I didn’t. Maybe Cordes is offended by the word “asses?” Or maybe Cordes meant to leave a note on the last post, in which I did indeed swear gratuitously, but got so excited about putting me in my place and telling me how “ignorant” I am that sie ended up commenting no the wrong post. (which is something many intelligent people have done, but god, when you’re arguing your superiority really isn’t the best time, is it?).

    All I know is that when government officials are calling rape misunderstandings and quarrels and when legislators are trying to take away womens’ bodily autonomy, if the thing that offends you most is the word fuck (*gasp!!) . . . well someone is indeed ignorant and sad here, but it sure as hell isn’t me.

  9. BettyBoondoggle

    D. Cordes – don’t let the door hit you on your panty-sniffing, moral panicky, anti-feminist ass.

    I will continue reading, as will plenty of others.

  10. zombie z

    There are words that are generally used in misogynistic ways — and the only time I’ve seen these words employed on the (feminist) blogs *I* read was in discussion of such words and their consequences (say, “cunt” or it’s first-cousin, “pussy”; sometimes even “bitch”).

    If men can use those other “gutter” words — ass, fuck, damn, etc — then so can women. It’s rather anti-feminist to say that women can’t use “male-invented gutter language.” If men invented gutter language, it’s arguable that men invented ALL language; I’m not a linguist, but from what I know about the evolution of language, I tend to believe women have just as much invested as men.

    I do NOT think words unrelated to women (fuck, damn, hell, shit, etc) are a feminist issue. Believe what you want about what it says about someone’s “class,” but don’t claim moral superiority. In the end, they are just words expressing stronger than “goshdern” could possibly.

    My first response when I read this article? “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK??!!!!” But hey, I don’t have an English degree, so I guess that’s all one can expect. 😉


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