Moment of Truth

Today is the day. After many, many months of waiting, endless debates and attack ads, the Iowa caucuses are finally here.

The Democrats gather at 6:30 central time, and the Republicans at 7.  At this point, the Republican results are of mere curious interest to me (I hate them all equally, and haven’t yet decided who is the least electable of the viable contenders). But when talking about the Dems . . . I will indeed be waiting with bated breath.

Right now, polls for both parties make the results pretty much impossible to call. If I had to place money on the outcome . . . well, I wouldn’t. The results could be so close that in the end they won’t make a difference for many candidates. Or, as recent years have shown us, the closeness reflected in the polls might not actually be representative of how people will vote.

Being diplomatic, I must say good luck to everyone’s candidates. But in my heart, I’m going to be hoping like hell that Edwards manages to pull this shit off. Because if he doesn’t, I don’t even know who my second place pick is, anymore.

Come on, Iowa.  Don’t let me down.

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