Honestly, I’m beat, and really can’t bring myself to write a real post right now. I did a lot of writing today for Planned Parenthood. I’ve left a lot of long and thoughtful comments on blog posts. I have a massive back pile of articles and blog posts to get through, and nothing has made me so absolutely furious that I can’t resist posting about it.

Then there’s the New Hampshire primaries. I’m not sure whether getting those numbers will be stressful or relieving, at this point. It kind of depends on who wins. Because you know what I want? I want the damn primaries to be over. They’re stressing me out. As I’ve already said, they’re making me even angrier and meaner than usual.

We’re 11 months away from an election. The nomination process seems to be taking forever. All of that time before November is going to be stressful enough, don’t you think? So pick a fucking candidate, people. I want to know what we’re working with. I want to know what we’re up against. And as you have to know, its not easy defending and arguing against the stupidity of more than one Democrat at a time. I’m only one person. So let’s get it over and done. I’ve gone from dreading the primaries because of their potential outcomes to looking forward to February 5th as some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Which, I know, it’s not. But attacking one asshole Republican and defending one inadequately-liberal Democrat is a hell of a lot easier than attacking 5 or 6 asshole Republicans and defending three inadequately-liberal Democrats.

Also: I never want to hear or read Ron Racist Paul’s stupid ass name ever again. The day that it becomes meaningless to me will be quite a beautiful day.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get caught up on all of that reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow. May your candidate win New Hampshire. Or not.

Edit: In this utterly random post, I totally forgot to mention that I reached a milestone today.  According to SiteMeter, I passed the 100,000 mark in total visits this morning.  Cool, huh?

0 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. jeffliveshere

    Taking a few days off can do wonders. At least that’s what I’m hoping. 🙂 There is no shame in light blogging for a few days. I think something that happens to bloggers who blog alone is that we also read a lot of popular blogs supported by a group…and we try to match that on some level. It’s a lot to ask of yourself.

    Sorry to rant a bit here, but the other thing is this: among my favorite feminist blogs, most of ’em don’t just do longer, serious posts. They have some humor, they have some cat/dog pictures, they talk about their lives a bit. A wee post on how you’re feeling burnt out counts as an interesting read.


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