Feminists Aren’t Humorless Just Because Your Jokes Suck

This comic by Pat Oliphant was run yesterday in the Washington Post (click the link for a slightly larger version of the cartoon). I wasn’t able to determine if the cartoon ran in the print edition, as the “print” versions of the paper online don’t seem to include cartoons (anyone have a hard copy laying around?). But Oliphant is a syndicated editorial cartoonist.

If you feel inclined to let the Post know that extreme sexism counts as neither humor nor commentary, they have a special email address specifically for online comic feedback. That the email exists makes one wonder what kind of cartoons they generally run, but all the same, you can find the contact information both for online comics and online content on the contact page.

0 thoughts on “Feminists Aren’t Humorless Just Because Your Jokes Suck

  1. rich

    I saw this cartoon earlier, it was really terrible. I looked at Oliphant’s previous cartoons, actually none of them are funny at all.

    You know what’s odd is the interview with the lady who asked the question that prompted Hillary Clinton to cry, where the questioner said she was moved by her response but was then turned off by how quickly Clinton regained her posture. I have no idea how to gauge that kind of a reaction.

    By the way hope you didn’t offense to my previous comment on the office “temptress” post. I’ve heard this argument a million times before as I’m sure you have, and each time it just comes off as some dude whining about how completely incapable he is of making decisions on his own, while villifying women. Doesn’t make us look good.

  2. Morgaine Swann

    Why do people keep saying that Hillary cried? She showed a little emotion – big deal. The media was predictably over the moon about it but in my mind it has less to do with misogyny than simple lack of intelligence. We simply aren’t very smart anymore, or we’d demand better news coverage. We have a dunce who was never elected in office, anti-intellectual dolts like Chris Matthews are rewarded with their own shows and people think Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, two DLC clones, represent “change.” It pains me to say it, but America’s just stupid and getting dumber every day.

  3. Cara Post author

    Well, I’d be one of the last to argue that Americans aren’t stupid. But I think that misogyny is pretty fucking stupid, too. And the two are intricately intertwined here, in my humble opinion.


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