0 thoughts on “Morning WTF

  1. Cara Post author

    Well, I do hae to say that I’m more surprised that someone wrote it than that the Mail decided to print it. The Daily Mail seems to be the answer to the question “what would happen if the reporters at Fox News lost half of their eight collective brain cells?”

  2. Alisa

    “Ewwww” kept spewing from my lips as I read this. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Sounds like something out of the 19th century anti-suffragette movement. I really want that woman to realize her own full potential, even to pull a man out of a burning building. Now I need some deep breathing to lower my blood pressue.

  3. brandann

    seriously? SERIOUSLY? i couldn’t even finish it! “radical” and not accepted ideology by women indeed! holy fucking shit!
    oh, and FWIW, i am sick of people talking about hillary clinton’s “hormonal crying”, when not one fucking person has mentioned mitt romney doing the exact same thing! guess it’s only weak and emotional when a woman does it. give me a break.
    thanks for posting this cara, and if i made the link wrong, i apologize,,,it’s early here.

  4. rich

    This is ridiculous, everything she says contradicts what comes before it. “I applaud female advancement, but when it comes to real power…”, or “it’s not that I take issue with female success, but…”. “I applaud female executives…but when it comes to absolute power…”

    I hope her daughter doesn’t turn out like her, but with her and her husband both reinforcing the male female hierarchy, the outlook is not so good.

    I agree with you on the Daily Mail, it’s not exactly Pulitzer-level journalism.

  5. Ran

    It’s really good satire, whether or not it was meant to be. My favorite part is when she asks, “Face it, ladies, if you were trapped in a burning building would you rather be rescued by a strapping bloke or a woman who looked like a librarian?” Since when does “man” = “strapping bloke” and “woman” = “woman who look[s] like a librarian”? Has this woman never once taken a step outside the romance novel she apparently lives in?

  6. Ran

    (That, and the more obvious question: What kind of a nutjub gets trapped in a burning building and won’t take all the help (s)he can get?)

  7. Cara Post author

    SHE HAS TO STAND BY HER PRINCIPLE, RAN. God, only dirty liberals would abandon their ethics for something as insignificant as not dying. If you let a little burning building that has you trapped inside get to you, what else will you cave into? Probably terrorists, that’s what.

    Hey, think I could get that comment printed in the Daily Mail?

    Also, may the next firefighters this woman meets by a strapping young woman and a man who looks like a librarian.


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