New Blog!

Last night, I volunteered at a Roe event by Planned Parenthood of the Rochester/Syracuse Region. We had First Lady of New York Silda Wall Spitzer there, and she gave an excellent speech about the importance of reproductive rights and the new bill that the governor has introduced called the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protect Act.

You can read all about it at PPRSR’s new blog: Sex. Justice. Change.

The blog launched today with our first post and we’re really excited about it. Yes, I will be the main blogger, though obviously my writing there will be a bit different (for some reason, they don’t want me calling people asshats. Go figure). So hey, go check it out and add it to your blog readers and your blogrolls if you feel so inclined. We’ll be updating at least once a week on reproductive and sexual health issues both local and national. And it’ll help me out a lot. The whole thing was kind of my idea and is my responsibility, so I’ll look pretty damn bad if it tanks. (I kid. About the me looking bad part. But not about the you going and checking out the blog part because you should totally go do that right now).

Also, I want it to be good. So if you lovely, intelligent, blog-type folks have any suggestions for me, please pass them along. Due to our non-profit status we can’t discuss or endorse political campaigns, but everything else is pretty much up for grabs.

For the record, this new blog and the event are why my posting has been kind of light over the past few days. But with any luck, I will get caught up and things will return to normal very shortly.

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