Final Nail in the Coffin

Dear Mr. Edwards,

Why? When I heard your wife say these horrible, delusional things, I could only hope that it was some sort of weird slip, a fluke. And listening to you in debates and such, I didn’t think that you could possibly believe them, even if she did. Do you somehow think in your twisted little mind that this is okay because you no longer have a snowball’s chance in hell? Was all of the talk about race and gender struggles just an act? Do you have a rare degenerative condition that causes you to act like more and more of an asshole over time?

Oh John. We could have been so happy together, you and I. I hope that someday you find a presidential race that will make you happy. Most likely, one that does not involve mean white women and black men oppressing you due to your minority status. Take care of yourself.


Dear Tyra,

Just stop. Please.

With Thanks,


0 thoughts on “Final Nail in the Coffin

  1. Paul

    CA: Clinton 39%, Obama 27%, Edwards 10%
    NY: Clinton 51%, Obama 25%, Edwards 11%
    FL: Clinton 59%, Obama 21%, Edwards 14%
    PA: Clinton 40%, Obama 20%, Edwards 11%
    NJ: Clinton 45%, Obama 27%, Edwards 11%
    MA: Clinton 32%, Obama 18%, Edwards 19%

    The big states are where the delegates are and Clinton will win all of them except IL (TX and OH don’t vote until March).

    The Obama candidacy seems to be no more than a bubble and come Super Tuesday it looks like being popped. Clinton will be the candidate – so if people want to get rid of the Repubs they might have to learn to love her.

  2. Cara Post author

    I didn’t say that I hated Clinton, Paul, and yes, I’ve seen the polls and I know the most likely outcomes (though, for the record, Florida really doesn’t count since Clinton’s name is the only one on the ballot). But thanks.


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