Only One Question

Why the fuck do people still keep referring to the practice of selling a child’s body to men as “forced prostitution” instead of what it is: holding a child hostage and allowing men to rape her for a set fee?

Selling rape is not “forced prostitution.” It’s selling rape. The rape of a child is not sex. You cannot “have sex” with a child.” Rape is not sex. It is violence.

This isn’t difficult . . . unless it’s one’s goal to defend rape as some kind of fucked up, inalienable male “right.” Oh, there you go. I just answered my own question.

0 thoughts on “Only One Question

  1. Kristen

    Thank you! Finally, someone points out the idiocy. And why are these people not charged with either rape or child molestation (depending on the state statute). Promoting prostitution and endangering the welfare of a child will generally get you community service for Christ sake.

  2. akeeyu

    We had a similar story up here–A man kidnapped a seventh grader, raped her repeatedly, and then started allowing others to rape her for money.

    The headline said that she was ‘coerced into prostitution’. WTF? The people writing these stories have serious problems.

  3. BettyBoondoggle

    It’s MSM’s way of using “neutral language” to avoid assigning any responsibility for the crime to men. Calling it rape would mean all those upstanding family men who paid to rape her are rapists! And we can’t have that. Because that would mean admitting that there are men who rape. And we can’t have that either, because everyone knows bitchez lie.

  4. BettyBoondoggle

    “were charged with kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a child and promoting prostitution”

    See? The fact that it was rape is never considered or mentioned. They’re “promoting prostitution”.

    I wonder what charge carries the longer sentence in jail – “promoting prostitution” or raping a child and taking money from other child rapists to allow them to do the same?

  5. Sara

    Amen, sisters – now who’s going to go to their state legislatures with this? Or at least the state’s attorney? We need to speak up!

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