Judge Exhibits “Supreme” Stupidity

Pardon the pun (come on, sometimes it’s just too easy), but I’m wagering that once you read this, you’ll pretty much forget about anything stupid that I’ve said:

A county judge was reprimanded for calling three black female lawyers “the Supremes” in court and advising the defendant to get “an experienced male attorney.”

Talk about value! Judge Boone’s court apparently runs a two for one special: for a limited time only, come for the racism and get the sexism for free! Sale ends temporarily when a judicial commission calls him out on his shit.

The most unbelievable thing of all, though, is that it gets worse. And as so often happens, the extra insults come flying in the guise of an apology.

Washington County Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone has acknowledged that his comments suggested racial and sexual bias. In his written response to a complaint, Boone said he was trying to protect the three public defenders from representing a difficult defendant.

The Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities concluded the comments Boone made during a court hearing last April were “undignified and disparaging.” The notice of reprimand was published Jan. 18 in the Maryland Register.

Niiiice. The only thing better than some sexist racism or racist sexism is the kind that is really in the best interest of the insulted, who just aren’t reasonable enough to see it. White Man’s Burden, anyone, or did he just go to the Justice Kennedy School of Law?

Boone can see how his comments might “suggest” some form of “bias” (haven’t we learned yet that words like “sexism” and “racism” are just too mean and should never be used, let alone admitted to?). But it only seems that way because he was so determined in his nice white male savior way to protect the poor little lady lawyers from the big bad legal system. It’s not that he holds some form of prejudice against black women, it’s that he thinks black women are too weak and incompetent and vulnerable to do their jobs as lawyers properly.

That makes me feel much better.


0 thoughts on “Judge Exhibits “Supreme” Stupidity

  1. cherylp

    What a crock. The funny thing about that ‘apology’ is that even if he did believe he was trying to ‘help’ these women, wouldn’t he ask to speak to them in private and tell them to steer clear of this client (which is still patronizing, don’t get me wrong)? Usually the best way to help people is not to publicly treat them like shit. You know, just as a general rule.

  2. rich

    Nice pun. I don’t know where you find these articles about racist/sexist/misogynist judges, but they seem to exist in droves.

    Also, isn’t it unethical as a judge to tell lawyers to steer clear of representing this “difficult defendant”? It sounds like there is a judgment placed on the defendant already by the man who is supposed to remain impartial, not to mention his asinine comments toward the 3 women lawyers. Seems like he’s real fair to both sides.


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