Report IT Now!

A group of sexual assault survivor advocates has begun a campaign called Report IT Now! The idea behind it is to empower sexual assault survivors to break their silence while raising awareness about the huge number of sexual assault cases that occur in this country and go unreported. It’s also about something I’ve brought up a lot, lately — the way that the legal system routinely revictimizes those survivors who do come forward.

If you have been sexually assaulted, please consider filling out this form. You may also fill it out for another person if they are unable to do so themselves (i.e. the survivor is disabled, a child, or no longer living). This is not a police report. But if you’d like to make a legal report, the campaign will forward your report to law enforcement officials. Any sexual assault can be reported, regardless of type, severity, or how long ago the assault occurred. Survivors of every gender may report. Though the campaign is very clearly geared towards Americans, there is absolutely nothing on the form that prevents a person of any other nationality from using it to report. Though they will ask for your name, you can choose to not provide it. Regardless of whether or not you choose to provide your name, your report will be used for survey purposes only and your personal information will be kept confidential.

On April 29th, the statistical information gathered from the reports will be used as a part of the protests outside of courthouses around the country for Angela Shelton Day.

I strongly encourage any survivors out there to report. I did so myself, yesterday, and I can’t say that it was fun. In fact, it was pretty difficult. But it was also therapeutic. And I’m glad that I did it.

The campaign has been put together as a collaboration between PAVE and Angela Shelton. If you’ve never heard of Angela Shelton, check out this page about her book and film. (At first I was puzzled, thinking that she was just the most self-absorbed activist in the world who decided to name a day after herself. I assure you that it’s is far more interesting than that.) Thanks to Holly at Menstrual Poetry for the head’s up.

Report IT and spread the word!

0 thoughts on “Report IT Now!

  1. Holly

    I love that you posted about this! I love Angela Shelton, I would seriously consider being a groupie…if I had a driver’s license, ha! She’s motivational, interesting and uber inspiring and it’s definitely worth it to check out her film; I purchased it a month or so after it came out and I still watch it a lot and make my friends and the boyfriend watch it with me, it’s good stuff–and eye opening.

  2. Jenee

    Thanks for this. I don’t want to file a police report since it’s been so long, and I don’t think it would do anything anyway since it would just be a my-word-against-his kind of stuff. I’m glad I have somewhere to report what happened to me, though. I really appreciate you posting this.

  3. diana

    Angela’s book, Finding Angela Shelton, just came out on 4/1. The book provides more indepth info about the Angela’s in the book and delves more deeply into angela’s journey and how doing the movie moved her to heal herself and reach out and speak up. i’ve read it, and it is powerful. Thank you for posting this. I’ve also reported my stuff at the website.


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