Because a Woman’s Free Will is of Their Utmost Concern

I know that in crazy anti-choice wingnut land, logic isn’t exactly popular. But I do believe they’ve reached new heights of insult to basic reason. The Oklahoma Senate has passed a new bill that is more or less a hodgepodge of anti-abortion legislation. Take a look at the emphasized lines at the end of this excerpt.

SB 1878 combines various pieces of abortion legislation proposed this session.

One provision would require women who seek an abortion to undergo an ultrasound within one hour of the procedure.

Dr. Dana Stone, an Oklahoma City physician who is the chairwoman of the Oklahoma Section of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, said the ultrasound legislation was of great concern to her because of its invasive nature early in pregnancy.

“The patient has no ability to opt out,” she said.

Lamb noted that the legislation does not require a woman to view the ultrasound images.

It does require that the images be displayed so the woman may see them. It also requires the examiner to give a medical description of the images, to include dimensions of the embryo or fetus and the presence of cardiac activity.

The bill also would require minors who seek abortions to provide written parental consent. Lamb said that is needed to ensure that minors aren’t coerced into ending pregnancy.

I reread those sentences several times, flabbergasted and convinced that I had interpreted them incorrectly. But no, I can still read. An author of the bill is actually arguing that requiring a minor to get written permission from her parents to have an abortion would ensure that she has not been coerced into ending a pregnancy.

Here is a list of anti-choice beliefs that one would have to buy into for this to make even a remote amount of sense:

  1. All men are sexual predators
  2. Therefore, women do not want abortions but are always pushed into them by their partners who want to continue having casual unprotected sex without consequences
  3. The decision to end a pregnancy is somehow fundamentally different from the decision to continue a pregnancy
  4. Until 18, all females are the property of their parents
  5. Until 18, one does not have a fundamental right to health care
  6. All parents are anti-choice, and none of them are abusive, which means that they could never be the ones who are coercing their daughter into an abortion
  7. Somehow, these anti-choice parents would never use the requirement of written permission to coerce her daughter out of an abortion, except . . .
  8. As stated, pregnant women are helpless and one could never actually want an abortions for her own reasons (like not wanting a baby). And if she does, she just needs to be talked down because all those baby-making hormones are making her a little irrational and unable to understand how very badly she really does want to become a mommy in several months. So allowing parents to force their daughters to give birth is a plus.

What really does scare me though is that 38 out of 48 legislators apparently bought into this argument. All who opposed the bill were Democrats, but 14 Democrats were in favor of it. And here is one of the fucking geniuses who OK Dems can count among their ranks.

Sen. Debbe Leftwich, D-Oklahoma City, voted for the measure but said she was concerned that it would require victims of rape and incest to view an ultrasound.

Well, it’s good to know that she had some concern for the extreme emotional distress that the bill could impose upon victims of rape and incest who are already going to be in the middle of an unthinkable experience . . . and then voted for it anyway.

What a proud day for democracy, both capital and lower D.

0 thoughts on “Because a Woman’s Free Will is of Their Utmost Concern

  1. akeeyu

    Let’s not forget that ultrasounds early in pregnancy are frequently done transvaginally, as in they put a wand up your chooch to get a better picture of your uterus.

    Because we really want to go around inserting objects into the vaginas of rape victims against their will. THAT sounds like a good idea, right?

    The mind boggles.

  2. Lepidopteryx

    “The bill also would require minors who seek abortions to provide written parental consent. Lamb said that is needed to ensure that minors aren’t coerced into ending pregnancy.”


    So a minor who was being coerced by her parents to abort wouldn’t be able to produce a permission slip signed by her parents?

    And a minor who was being coerced by someone else wouldn’t be able to produce a document signed by someone who claimed to be her parent?

    Seems to me that a minor who shows up at a clinic alone is pretty likely to be there of her own volition.

  3. sara

    I hate this bill, but lets be clear about the ultrasound thing. It says you have to do a U/S, not necessarily a vaginal U/S.

    The abortion doctors will follow the letter of the law if they have to, and not a step more. They wont be doing any vaginal U/S unless its explicitly required in the law.

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