Moving Up

This post is an announcement. It will stay at the top of the blog for several days; newer posts will appear below.

Today, I just so happened to reach my 200,000th visit on the blog. And this Friday, April 18th, will be my one year anniversary of blogging and the one year anniversary of The Curvature.

I know it’s cliché, but in some ways I feel like I’ve been doing this forever, and in other ways I feel like I’ve just started. A lot has happened in the past year and I have been far more well-received than I ever could have dreamed. Thank you, everyone, for reading, commenting and/or linking to me.

And things are changing! This week, I will become a contributor over at Feministe. Feministe is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favorite feminist blogs. It’s filled with great writers who deal genuinely with intersecting movements and more than just “white women’s issues” on a daily basis. It includes the views of trans* women and men, sex workers and other marginalized groups who are regularly spurned in other feminist spaces. Its writers listen to their readers and engage with the difficult topics that it’s often easier to ignore. I see a comment on the site at least once a week from a reader who explains that these are the reasons they read Feministe. And I am personally honored to have been asked to be a part of it.

I will not be abandoning The Curvature. It’s my home, and after a year I’m certainly not ready to abandon it. I still intend to write here my usual six days a week, while contributing two or three posts to Feministe each week. A lot of what I post at Feministe will probably be cross-posted here.

I’m sure that figuring out how to get it all done will take me a bit of time, so I hope that you’ll bear with me. And while I’m sure that most of you read Feministe already, I hope that those of you who don’t will start — and not stop reading The Curvature! Wish me luck.

0 thoughts on “Moving Up

  1. dewey

    Happy blogiversary, Cara! Remember how we started our blogs around the same time, and were such newbies? I’m so proud of you and your blog and what you’ve done with it in a year. Love you!

  2. GallingGalla

    Congratulations. That’s quite an honor. I already read Feministe, so I’ll be looking for your posts over there (and here).

  3. Moody

    This is the best blog ever! I read about how Feministe would be getting a new blogger and I knew it would be you. Congrats, please don’t change now that you’ve made it to the big time. 🙂

  4. Iaypo

    Hi, delurking to say how much a love your blog. You cover issues that I don’t always see on some of the more mainstream feminist blogs. I will be excited to read your stuff on Feministe.

  5. Cara Post author

    I don’t know where to begin responding to all of the compliments and congratulations, but I do want to say thank you! Oh, and that the last thing you want to do is inflate my ego 😉

  6. ouyangdan

    you don’t need luck, you have talent spouting from every post you write. you made me want to start blogging, and gave me the best advice for getting started, and now i am doing fairly well myself. this is a well deserved and exciting thing! it couldn’t have happened to a better blogger!

  7. Roy

    It includes the views of trans* women and men, sex workers and other marginalized groups who are regularly spurned in other feminist spaces.

    Is there a footnote for “trans*” or does that signify something else?

    And, as I already told you, congrats again. =)

  8. Cara Post author

    A lot of advocates ad the asterisks as a method of including those who are trans but do not identify as either “transman” or “transwoman,” which is a large group of people. I’ve also seen it used to signify “trans (fill in the blank),” i.e. “the trans* community,” any trans person who identifies as man, woman, just trans, or in another way. It’s common, but I’ve never personally seen someone take offense at its not being used, and it’s certainly not universal.

  9. Roy

    Ah, got it. Thanks for the clarification. I was looking all over the place thinking that there was a footnote of some kind. =P

  10. Nellie

    Anniversaries are time to celebrate! Happy one-year to you and The Curvature! I appreciate all that you do to create great posts.


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