Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

This just made my day:

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou


Stolen from Ren, who has a paltry 34.5% of her pages containing curse words. Better pick up the pace, Ren!

By the way, the average is 9%. And my rate of swearing is apparently 988% more than other websites that took the test. I’m not sure whether to count this as a big win or an ultimate fail.

Honestly, I didn’t think that I swore quite that much — more like a 75%. Then again, it must automatically read comments as well. In any case, I feel like I should throw in a few expletives here just to live up to my apparent reputation. So . . . fuck. And ass.

0 thoughts on “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

  1. amandaw

    This is just pathetic. (For me)

    “Around 15.7% of the pages on your website contain cussing. This is 74% MORE than other websites who took this test.”

    I get a piddly 15%, and yet it’s still significantly more than the average?

    I call shenanigans.

  2. Cara Post author

    Well it does say that 9% is the average. My guess is that a bunch of people went through and plugged in a bunch of mainstream/corporate/informational websites, which would have about 0%. And that a bunch of teenagers who don’t swear very much went and put their livejournal and myspace pages in. In any case, the comparison to other websites will always be relative to what people submitted.

  3. Kristen

    Hmmm…I consider swearing to be a feminist act.

    If Cheney was listening to my office about a year ago…under my breath I said, “Goddamn fucking stupid piece of shit [computer].”

    My supervisor’s response (who, btw, was avoiding his phone by sitting in my office) said “You shouldn’t swear. Men don’t like that.”

    My response? “I don’t give a flying fuck.”

    So swear, because some men don’t like that.

  4. Cara Post author

    Not sure if I agree about swearing being a feminist act, Kristen [though eh, why not?], but I definitely don’t have a problem with it. Swear away! And FA, your comment cracked me up.

  5. Eef

    Clearly what you need to do is find the 2.1% of your site that doesn’t swear and edit some swear words into it. An even 100% would truly be inmpressive

  6. jovan byars

    I’m on the opposite side of that. Only 2.7% of my blog has curse words on it, 70% lower than the average.

  7. Dolores Shade

    Okay, I might be being paranoid, but is it at all possible that this meter counts “rape” as a “cuss” word?

    I really hope I’m wrong.

  8. Cara Post author

    That would be really, really gross Dolores, so I certainly hope not. I mean, I do say fuck an awful lot. And ass. And shit/bullshit. If the meter counts words like hell, it’s almost guaranteed that the meter is accurate.

    Okay, I just plugged RAINN’s website into the meter. It only got a .2%. So no, they can’t count “rape.” Though I do worry about the number of people I see who censor the word. But thankfully it seems to have not yet reached official vulgar status.


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