Even More Links

There have lately been more stories to write about than hours in the day to write about them. Another link roundup:

As you may (should) know, female farmworkers are at a high risk of sexual assault, particularly when they’re immigrants, and even more so when undocumented. (But psst, LA Times: rape isn’t sexual harassment any more than murder is a “threat.”)

I wrote about the Virginia abortion ban ruling over at Sex. Justice. Change.

South African women speak out against increasing levels of violence — including murder — against black lesbian women.

An interesting profile of a support group for HIV-positive African-American and Hispanic women over 50. (big trigger warning)


On the important role that doctors play in helping domestic violence victims (and how many are shirking it).

Purity balls are still creepy as fuck. In fact, I think that they might be getting worse. What misogynistic, patronizing, paternalistic and weirdly sex-obsessed bullshit. I feel like I need a shower.

Pilot courts have been created to handle only felony-level sexual assault. An interesting and compelling idea — but one that might not be working out particularly well in practice.

Some people wouldn’t know decency if it smacked (but preferably stabbed) them in the face.

The death of Dorothy Dixon, an intellectually disabled woman who was found dead in January, has been ruled as a homicide caused by weeks of torture (trigger warning). FRIDA is running an advocacy/awareness-raising campaign around Dixon’s murder and is looking for financial and other assistance.

I probably shouldn’t be laughing at this.

The British fight against calls to lower the 24-week limit on abortion has won. Congrats and thanks to those who helped.

Common sense prevails. Woohoo! Try again, MRAs (I’m sure you will).

More reasons we need LGBT equality. By the way, Australia is (unsurprisingly) getting there faster than us.

Whew! Have fun getting through all that. And feel free to leave anything I missed or to blogwhore in the comments.

0 thoughts on “Even More Links

  1. Paul

    I’m willing to bet that within a very short time of the trial/conviction, Dorothy Dixon will be as semi or totally forgotten as are most victims who aren’t celebrities

    It’s why I’m disgusted with certain “celebrity victim” family’s like the Tates – instead of repeatedly wailing about Sharon, why don’t they do something effective about the majority of victims who are forgotten by the public or history, who live in tiny houses in unknown streets or who rest in peace in graves overgrown by weeds, whose only visitors are the wind and the rain.

  2. Renee

    I will take you up on the opportunity to blog whore because I believe the issue of migrant workers does not get enough attention. I wrote a post http://womanist-musings.blogspot.com/2008/05/field-of-panties.html
    because I believe that it was wonderful that she had a victory in court however many women continue to be raped, and exploited on a daily basis. They are vulnerable because of their legal status, lack of English and gender. One case does has not and will not make a significant change in agribusiness. It is going to take a sustained effort on the part of many.

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  4. SunlessNick

    Purity balls have always made me feel queasy, but I have to agree, no other article has made my skin crawl as much as that one.


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