Train Wreck

Can’t bear to look, can’t look away. If you can’t bring yourself to watch the entire mess, make sure to check out around 15:50 and 17:15. It’s excruciating. This guy couldn’t win an acting job on a daytime soap opera.

I hear that McCain’s birthday is coming up. Maybe someone should get him a Toastmasters membership.

I mean, right –“who gives a better speech” shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of our list of points for consideration when it comes to choosing a president. But the fact remains that people look at that sort of thing. And even for the rational among us, can you imagine this representing us every day all over the world? Doesn’t the international community already think that Americans are a bunch of insincere, bumbling dumbasses?

Anyway, not wanting to leave you with a brain so fried, you want to know how you actually do give a speech? This is how you give a fucking speech:

0 thoughts on “Train Wreck

  1. Tali

    My brother pointed out that it sounded like McCain was reading a children’s book, with those awful winks and grins. Just horrible. And I loved how he slammed Obama for overusing catchy political slogans, while repeating the phrase “THAT’s not change we can believe in!” approximately 90 times. God. What a mess.

  2. Cara Post author

    Ha! That’s actually a really good comparison. I felt like there was some sort of familiarity with the tone he was using, and I think your brother nailed it.

  3. Jean Clarkin

    He’s like an automaton, he obviously has three monitors running the speech one right, one left and one dead ahead. He moves rigidly from one to another; which means he isn’t speaking, he’s reading. Then he bares his teeth. The smile (if you can call it that) never reaches the eyes. How many face-lifts has this guy had? His face never really moves.

    Beyond his appearance, which is gruesome, he gives no particulars at all, talks all about what needs to change, but not how he’ll do it. The crowd is white – and not very big. Oops, I just saw a couple of people of color – all of them down front. I can’t bear to watch the whole thing, but what a very odd performance.

    Of course Obama hasn’t met with Petraus(sp?), the general is a tool and should be relieved of duty!
    Thanks for the post!

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