Not a nice thing to wake up to . . .

But it still needs to be read. Big trigger warning; it’s about the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl, the people who try to justify it, and how it’s not as uncommon as we want (perhaps need) to believe.

Just go.

And while you’re at it, trying to not sob in front of your computer screen, you might as well go read this one as well.

Trust me, it’s important.

(I don’t know what I could possibly add. I’ve been feeling burnt out lately.  This literally was the first news-type thing I read upon waking up this morning, and it has been the final straw.  I’m going to take the day off, deeply inhale and hopefully come back emotionally capable of kicking some patriarchal ass.  I just can’t do it today.)

0 thoughts on “Not a nice thing to wake up to . . .

  1. Lyinzie

    I can’t imagine being those women. They should be ashamed of themselves. I bet not a one of them had a daughter that age.

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