And Yet Again I Ask: What The Fuck Is Wrong With People?


Lauredhel sent me this horrific story from her own local newspaper.

A four-year-old girl was in a serious condition last night after emergency surgery on injuries from an alleged rape which sex crime detectives said was one of the most serious child assaults they had investigated.

Det-Sen. Sgt Gordon Fairman, of the child protection squad, said they would allege 26-year-old Kenwick man Stephen John Cracknell was babysitting the girl when he sexually assaulted her on either Tuesday or Wednesday at Osborne Park. The girl’s mother took her to Princess Margaret Hospital on Thursday and she was operated on that night.

While her condition was serious last night, doctors said she was stable.

[. . .]

Mr Cracknell, who was known to the mother, was charged with one count of aggravated sexual penetration of a child, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail.

What could there possibly be to say? What?

Perhaps even more disturbing, the article notes that this rape is seemingly part of a trend:

The horrific case comes in the shadows of several disturbing offences against very young children.

This month a 15-year-old Waikiki youth was charged with sexually assaulting two girls aged four and seven in the playground attached to the McDonald’s restaurant at Mindarie.

Outrage greeted the sentencing of Daniel Phillip O’Meara to six and a half years in prison on April 15 after he twice raped a one-year-old girl and sexually assaulted her 10-year-old sister.

On June 10, Timothy Leonard Gordon Farmer was sentenced to 10 years jail for beating three-year-old Mason James Coughlan to death after the boy wet the bed and on May 29.

In the North-West, a 20-year-old man was charged with raping a four-year-old boy at Kalumburu.

Last December, a man faced Kalgoorlie Magistrate’s Court accused of indecently dealing with two girls under the age of 13 between 2005 and 2007.

What the hell is the world coming to?  Or is it not coming to anything, and we’re simply hearing about it more?

I do have to ask why we’re surprised that it keeps happening when our society takes the time to feign outrage over how a person could do such a thing, and then hands out ridiculous sentences like six and a half years for twice raping a one-year-old girl, and ten years for beating a three-year-old child to death.  If our courts can’t respect the very lives of children and their most basic right to be free from violence — and for all of the (misguided) talk about death sentences for child rapists, the U.S. isn’t a damn bit different — how can we expect these pieces of scum to respect it?  And how do we stop this shit from happening in the first place?  Because I do not know how to appeal to the basic humanity of those who seem to most lack it.

And what about this little girl? What is she going to face, not only emotionally but also physically?

Sometimes, a story comes along that leaves me with nothing left to say but I fucking hate people and what is wrong with this world we’re living in? This would be one of those stories. I’m at a loss.

0 thoughts on “And Yet Again I Ask: What The Fuck Is Wrong With People?

  1. belledame222

    I do think that it’s less what the world is coming to than what the world has been, and that it’s being reported more, for various reasons, some less noble than others. But, yeah: not much to say except: fuck. Let’s get drunk.

  2. Thealogian

    Horrifying, yes, but new or “more,” I don’t think so. I think that the crime that dare not speak its name–child rape–is just being written/talked about on a larger scale, which is good.

    You are quite correct to emphasize that even though that the vast majority of people are outraged by such crimes, the sentences and conviction rates for men who rape children is dismal. Making 20 years the mandatory minimum sentencing needs to be reform tackled on both the state and federal levels.


  3. narcissistic.claptrap

    This same thing was happening 35 years ago when I was 5-ish…I just think it wasn’t spoken about. There were three completely unrelated high school boys in my working-class childhood who felt entitled to access my body in a number of criminal ways.

    It never occurred to me for even a second to tell my parents about any of them. I simply learned which areas and people to avoid. This was back in the days when parents cheerfully sent their kids outside to play in the neighborhood, a practice which seems much more rare these days.

  4. Sara

    “If our courts can’t respect the very lives of children and their most basic right to be free from violence —”
    Wow. A very good point that brings up some interesting questions about the priorities of anti-choicers.

  5. Ryan

    I kind of cringe saying this but I think it is true. Some kind of mandatory sentencing law would probably have the effect of reducing convictions (or rather increase convictions for lesser crimes in plea bargins).

  6. Alexa

    Sometimes, a story comes along that leaves me with nothing left to say but I fucking hate people and what is wrong with this world we’re living in? This would be one of those stories. I’m at a loss.

    I have to agree with you on this. I also agree with belledame222, it is not so much that this is occurring more frequently, than it is we’re actually hearing about it. Regardless, it is fucked up.

  7. SarahSimone

    This is horrifying. I was sexually abused by a man who was renting the basement in our house, a friend of my mother’s. I was about nine years old at the time. Later, the same thing happened with another boarder of ours when I was 12. What I most clearly remember about that was the absolute terror I felt coming home from school each day, and how physically powerless I was against these men. For this to be happening to children even younger and more helpless than I was is just unspeakable to me. Compounding that is the fact that I wouldn’t have a clue how to stop such a thing from happening. We absolutely should enforce very strict and very very long jail sentences, but by then its too late for that child. What I desperately want to know is how to protect kids from having this happen to them to begin with.

  8. ange

    FUCK is right. The only thing that needs to be done in my opinion is to enforce castration as punishment to anyone who could do this to a beautiful 4yr old girl, a FUCKING 1 YR OLD or any child…..this would make those sick fucking assholes think twice about the hoffific crime they’re about to commit and we wouldn’t have to worry about repeat offenders. Any person of authority who’s giving these lame sentences to such pigs have not thought about it happening to anyone in their own family. Do they have no sisters, daughters, grandchildren, nieces/nephews…or do they think that sexual assault on children isn’t that serious at all. It seems that way.

  9. Sonya

    What I want to know is why are MEN so fucked up and violent? Why is that the rare woman who commits a violent crime makes national news and nothing is ever said about the men who commit horrible acts by the hundreds on a daily basis? If women were as violent as men, there would be a national outcry but with men it’s just business as usual and just blame the bitches. I didn’t used to but I am truly starting to hate men more and more with each passing day.

  10. brenna

    It is being reported more often. Which is good. But, it’s not, in turn, being prosecuted more often. This, in turn, feeds the “they make it up” myth.

  11. BettyBoondoggle

    “What the hell is the world coming to? Or is it not coming to anything, and we’re simply hearing about it more?”

    We’re simply hearing about more often. The fast information travels, the faster news travels.

    Our collective blinders are coming off.

  12. Ishtar

    I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself that not all men are abusers/rapists/murderers but even then, I’m still angry at them because far too many of them explicitly and implicitly contribute to a culture of violence against women and children. Where is the collective outrage (and action) from men? Answer: they’re not outraged (as someone else mentioned, it’s just business as usual).

    Here in South Africa abuse and rape is rife (ignore what our government says about crime – they’re denialists and liars when it comes to acknowledging the horrific rate and nature of crime in this country).

    Rape and other forms of assault (sexual and otherwise) is almost a national past-time (that’s how it feels to me). The majority of women I know (the MAJORITY, not some, not one or two) have been raped, molested or assaulted at least once at some point in her life.

    I was molested at age 8, my sister was raped by her first boyfriend, a friend was raped by her husband, another friend was molested by her father, a cousin was raped by her father and then molested by the same man who molested me, several other women I know were beaten on at least one occasion by their husbands. I could go on and on.

    And then men are puzzled about why women are so bloody angry! I am not just angry – I am fucking enraged!

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