Going to D.C.

I’m leaving tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th, for the Planned Parenthood Organizing and Policy Summit in D.C. My little (almost) all-expense paid trip is courtesy of a scholarship, and I’m really psyched and grateful to be able to go!

I’ll be away until late Friday night. Since I unfortunately don’t have a laptop, I’ll most likely be out of contact for the entire trip. But I have scheduled some short posts to go up in my absence. My lovely husband has agreed to moderate comments for me a couple of times a day, so please be patient — and if you’re an asshole who gets stuck there until I’m back, deal with it.

I imagine that I’ll be spending most of my day frantically packing and finishing those short posts.  See you when I get back!

0 thoughts on “Going to D.C.

  1. Kristen

    Woohoo! You’re coming to DC. And according the the weather person…whom I don’t trust AT ALL…the weather should be lovely this week.

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