Sex . . . normal?

Well would you look at that? An intelligent opinion piece on sex education. In a Texas newspaper no less!

As John McCain proved last week, sex and big government do not mix, except in ways that most officials would rather keep under their desks and away from the press. The topic only makes the old guys embarrass themselves, and its taboo-or-not-taboo nature puts the country at a disadvantage.

Despite politicians’ best efforts, even good, smart kids have sex. They do it because it’s normal. Instead of letting young students become consumed by mixed messages, we owe them the knowledge they need to protect themselves.

Now, to be fair, it may sound like I’m giving too much credit when this is a college newspaper out of Texas. But if you read the first five comments, which call the writer a “hippie,” argue that sex belongs only in marriage because people who are married never have abortions or end up single parents, abstinence-only education is the only way to let kids know that sex is “wrong,” STDs and unplanned pregnancies be damned, and — I kid you not — compare teen sex to snorting cocaine and shooting heroin, you might see how the praise is warranted. Because far too many people in this world have lost all grips with reality.

0 thoughts on “Sex . . . normal?

  1. Lemur

    I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! What is this world coming to when we can’t depend on Texas newspapers to consistently spew anti-sex wackaloonery?

  2. Jenna

    “What is this world coming to when we can’t depend on Texas newspapes to consistently spew anti-sex wackaloonery?”

    Heh, you’re lucky it was published at all. UT is in Austin, the one blue oasis in a vast ignorant sea of Red. If the same article was submitted to The Houstonian (my alma mater’s paper – Sam Houston State University) or the papers for A&M, U of H, or Stephen F. Austin, it probably would not have been published.

    During my time at SHSU, I submitted multiple op/ed pieces, especially whenever some anti-choice/anti-sex/anti-contraception idiot had been given space to spew utter bullshit and the vast majority of them weren’t printed. AND, a few that were printed were selectively edited by the then editor of the opinion page to say something completely different than what I had intended.

    In fact, it became so bad with the editor selectively editing pieces to reflect her beliefs that she was eventually removed when enough people complained about the obvious bias not to mention the time she “edited” a piece written by a professor who then took the matter to the deans and the President of the University.

    Rejoice it came out at all because as the comments for it suggest, it is definitely not the prevailing opinion in the state.

  3. dewey

    Isn’t cognitive dissonance fun? How do these people reconcile their own evidence, aka children they’re trying to raise to be as twisted as they are, with their sex is like heroin, sex is wrong stance?

  4. Lemur

    Ah, but Dewey, you forget the Magical Ring combined with the Words of Jesus Power! THAT makes sex okay (but you still can’t like it)! Then the heroin becomes legal! But not before! Before that it’s like molten lava! No sexin’ for you unmarried folk, and you hi-mo-seckshalz don’t exist cause they’re goin to Hay-ell no matter what.
    *sigh* See, they don’t even have to say it anymore, we already know what’s coming. It’s just not a full day until you hear wackaloons go wackadoodle.
    …Sorry, it’s late and I’m high on violet hairdye. I may be abusing sarcasm, I can’t tell.


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