Article on Leslee Unruh

More magazine has a really fascinating profile on anti-choice super-activist, and the bane of my existence, Leslee Unruh. It’s creepy and compelling, and a little bit less enraging than I was expecting.  But I do still feel my blood pressure rising — that woman’s name to me is like a waving red cape to a bull.

0 thoughts on “Article on Leslee Unruh

  1. Anna

    I don’t understand what these people do to become so powerful.

    I can’t even get my workplace to understand “accessible”, and yet someone can get abortion overturned on a state level? How is that possible?

  2. Cara Post author

    A few people/things have an effect like that on me, Ashley. I’m an angry person. Immediately springing to mind is Cosmo magazine (because of the “gray rape” article), and especially the actual name of John Lennon’s murderer (I prefer to call him Fuck Face McGee — and btw he was just denied parole for another two years the other day, for those who care). And Leslee Unruh. Esteemed company she has.

    And I think I’ll survive, Nick 😉


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