What Women Want

I think this project is absolutely amazing, so please do check it out and take part:

Tired of being talked about this election season? Done with being represented by skewed polls and stereotypes?

This Is What Women Want is your chance to cut through the spin and tell the media, the candidates and the world exactly what you want this election season. Let’s demonstrate how diverse we are in thought, action, and experience. Let’s uncover what we have in common. Let’s amplify our own and each others’ voices until they cannot be ignored.

Read more here, and say what you want here.

What does this woman want? What else but Real Rape Prevention Programs?

Others have talked about more and tougher convictions for rapists. I want that, too. But I also want real sexual violence prevention programs. I want to prevent as many women, men and children as possible from suffering the trauma of sexual abuse rather than simply punishing offenders afterward. I want prevention education that focuses on men’s roles more than women’s. I want education that focuses on the meaning of enthusiastic consent, and actually defines “rape” for those who think that anything than a stranger jumping out of the bushes doesn’t count. I want sex education that affirms positive, pleasurable sexuality, so that victims don’t think their rape is just what “sex” is. I want a society that holds people responsible for not committing rape more than it holds women responsible for watching their drinks. I want a government and media that doesn’t push rape aside as just a “women’s issue” and encourages and expects all of us to take part in ending sexual violence.

Like it? Then rate it. Don’t like it, rate it anyway. Just take part and rate something, will you? Search for you own “want,” and if you don’t see it, write it up and submit. And spread the word.

0 thoughts on “What Women Want

  1. SunlessNick

    So far, you’re advocating an average of 5/5 over votes, so that’s cool.

    I’m not sure about the ethics of me rating anything else there (it is what women want after all), but in this case, I did – the responsibility of managing my conscience is a particularly unconscionable burden to shove onto women – it’s also a slander against my own ability or willingness to do so.

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