Link Round Up

There’s a bunch of stuff hanging around that I’ve finally admitted I won’t get the time to write about. And a few other things I wanted to share.

What About Our Daughters has a post on the sexual exploitation and violence committed against young black teenage girls.

Via FRIDA comes this excellent Washington Post Op-Ed on why Tropic of Thunder is being boycotted by disability rights groups, and why ableist slurs like the ones used in the film are so harmful. (Note: I honestly had absolutely no intention of seeing the movie. That being said, if you’re not participating in the boycott, you really should be.)

Speaking of voting with your wallet, I’m glad that I don’t shop at Forever 21 and definitely do not have plans to ever start now.

DHHS Secretary Mike Levitt has a new blog post defending that proposed regulation which would seriously undermine Title X funding and classify birth control as an abortifacient. In doing so, he managed to entirely miss the point, and won the praise of a bunch of dumb ass anti-choice commenters. Go leave a comment telling him (more nicely than this) that he’s an asshole who is going to harm women and is being completely disingenuous about his motives and the potential results of his stance. (Mine has yet to be approved.)

Skin-bleaching creams are having devastating effects in Uganda. And I imagine that until we stop the racist and colonialist mindset of light skin as pretty and dark skin as ugly — and the misogynistic mindset of a woman’s “beauty” as the demarcation of her worth — it will continue.  Clearly, bans only do so much.

Lisa Harney wrote a really great post about the triggering of domestic and sexual violence survivors, and how this phenomenon is being improperly used to justify trans-exclusion and other forms of transphobic prejudice.  Definitely check this one out.

Whoa. Now there is one unbelievable rape apologist justification.  Nice catch, Marcella.

How SD abortion providers are handling the new anti-choice law.

OT: Yeah, I’m sure you are, fuck face. Seriously, shove it up your worthless ass. (Note: asshole was seeking fame, therefore I refuse to use his name and we do use it in the comments on this blog.  I prefer to call him Fuck Face McGee, if need be.)

And lastly, while I still have yet to have time to go through it all, this looks great: the Women of Color and Beauty Carnival.

What have you been reading?  Or for that matter, writing?  Feel free to shamelessly self-promote.

0 thoughts on “Link Round Up

  1. Holly

    I am going to shamelessly self promote a new post of mine about an ad I found featured on the social media site for women, kirtsy. Apparently if your pants don’t fit you have to either suck it in or contribute to the multi-billion dollar industry of weight loss products. I’m old fashioned and opt to just buy some new pants, but that’s just me.

    Hope you enjoy!

    I’ve also been reading a lot of because her humor makes me happy.

  2. Ryan

    Paul, you might find this post at 538 out on the Bradley effect. It does a pretty good job at looking at the Bradley (lack of) in 2008.

    If anybody can’t tell; I have the election on my mind. I wish I could tune it out and stop caring/following it so much. That has not been working for me :

  3. Renee

    In response to the skin bleaching story I wrote black women can be beautiful too. I did not submit it to the carnival though in retrospect I think I should have.
    After finding yet another post at the carnival of Radical Feminist of Miss Andrea and reading Ren’s amazing post I was inspired to write Radical Feminism and CIS privilege. I have simply had enough of the bigotry.
    Finally in an effort to deal with personal past shit I wrote, Belts, Children and Discipline. I am tired of age being used as an excuse by parents to beat their child with belts. It happened to me and continue to effect my life.


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