Because I Need Cheering Up

Zack wins incoherent troll of the day for his comments on this post:

persoanlly its a commerical and if this commerical offends you in anyway you deff need to get a life and its not the womans uterus its the torso and if you think this commerical is degrading woman its a very cool comerical how she can do the robot and ads are about selling product not to disgrace woman or portray them to be seen and not heard its a cool comemrical and has catchy music therefore they did their job, you ppl need get a life and have wayvto much time on your hands to complain about a commericail i mean really

you feminests r pathetic


As a side note, this particular post does seem to be a magnet for trolls. One thing I’ve learned while writing this blog? Stupid sexist asshole troll commenters love their beer and video games.

0 thoughts on “Because I Need Cheering Up

  1. ceejay1968

    God, those people are always such terrible writers too!

    I love this, from Tim Wise’s myspace page:

    “Hate mail, while neither appreciated nor desired, will be graded for form, content, spelling and grammar”

  2. Anna

    See, Cara, you’re just interrogating the ad from the wrong perspective!

    Would Llama photos help? I have a photo of a guy taking his alpaca for a walk. On a leash and everything!

  3. Lemur

    “it’s a very cool comerical how she can do the robot?”
    … Wow, I’m impressed by that sentence alone. Like she’s just doing some retro dancing and not being portrayed as a human(?)beer holder.
    Trollz. They are so very good at NOT getting the fucking point.

  4. Maud

    That is truly a little gem of incoherence. But I also enjoy this simple, everyday bit of foolishness from commenter “Really?” to the same post:

    “…especially since your first paragraph after the video could use an “it” added to the fifth sentence, to make it’s grammar correct…”

    Really? must be just a baby troll, not to have learned the first rule of attempting to prove your superiority by nitpicking others’ simple typos: proofread, lest you make a fool of yourself by erring in your own use of language while criticizing others. Really?, wherever you may be within the blogosphere, “it’s” is a contraction of it is, not a possessive pronoun. That’s not what you meant to say – not if you were hoping to make sense.

    I also initially misread Zack’s typo “wayvto much time on your hands” as wavy too much time on your hands. I haven’t decided what this means, but I like it, and intend to start accusing people of having wavy too much time on their hands.

  5. ali

    Thiss Zack simms liek a vary smarrt gai.

    Um. Is he serious? Yeah, I guess he is. We better start thinking about how to start living by his very apt assessments – oh wait, my breakfast is here. That’s more important. Sorry, Zack.

  6. Shannon

    The other thing that is funny is that this is over a year after your original posting… and there’s another pissed off heiny fan who blames you for getting worked up over an ad that will be “forgotten in 6 months anyway.” (Something like that) Either way, I think we should show this guy’s comment to heinekin so they know exactly who their target audience is.


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