“Back It Up, Bitch”

Trigger Warning: outside the DNC, a police officer shoved a CodePink protester to the ground while yelling in her face “Back it up, bitch.” When she then tried to talk about the treatment to reporters, the officer grabbed her by the arm and violently pulled her away. Then he arrested her.

Why? Because police arrested another protester, and the woman, Alicia Forrest, was one of numerous people trying to figure out where he was being taken. Who knew that was against the law?

The video is below. A warning: the comments at the YouTube page are misogynistic and vile. I don’t recommend them.

I am so fucking sick of this macho power-trip, police brutality bullshit.

h/t Feministing

0 thoughts on ““Back It Up, Bitch”

  1. Jamie B.

    I actually can’t remember the last time I trusted the police. And that was before I actually even started trying to stay informed and learning about all their power abuses.

    I want to cry.

  2. Shannon

    Holy shit!! (i can say shit in my comments , right?) I cannot believe that. And the gall of that guy to snatch her away like that. Shit! I hope they fucking slam that guy.

  3. Shannon

    hahaahh thank fucking god, because this shit really calls for it! 🙂 I still can’t believe this. I keep watching the video over and over again and I’m waiting to see “oh yeah, I see, right there she smacks the officer in the face with the butt of a revolver. I understand now why he was mad.” but nope; the video stays the same.

  4. Genevieve

    Some people need to have their weapons removed…all of them.

    This is not okay. This is not how you treat other human beings.

    This kind of bullshit should be screened for at police academies.

  5. Lemur

    Is anyone feeling a bit Orwellian just now? There’s NO reason for this, and more and more it’s feeling like there doesn’t NEED to be. 1984, anyone? …Fuck, I’ve just depressed myself.

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