Oh my god I hate John McCain so much I think my head just might explode.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Fuck.

And where the fuck does Captain Misogyny, opposes access to birth control, thinks Roe should be overturned, opposes equal pay for equal work, calls his wife a cunt in public and laughs when supporters call Hillary Clinton a bitch, get off on nominating a woman like he’s all super tolerant and actually believes what women are his equals? Even if this woman seems to not like women all that much herself?

Please let this backfire. Please let this backfire.

Better start making those donations, folks.
I’m so outrageously, ridiculously broke right now, but I’ll be sending one ASAP, regardless.

0 thoughts on “Palin

  1. Kristen

    The worst part…YOU KNOW people are going to start cracking on her about her looks and her gender and we (feminists) are going to have to DEFEND her. I’m ill at the very thought.

  2. Genevieve

    Yeah…and then people are going to be saying, “hey, all the Hilary voters should switch to McCain because he picked a woman”…as if by virtue of having a vagina she and Senator Clinton are clones with the exact same opinions or something.

    And, “why aren’t all you feminists applauding this?”

    And it’s like, “yes, he picked a woman, that’s cool, I guess…but will she really accomplish feminist goals? Does she have the same beliefs I do? No? Then I’ll stick with Obama, who does.”

  3. Lemur

    Cynical, opportunistic, thinks-women-are-idiots ratfuck. i canNOT believe this.
    And yeah, we will have to defend her against misogynist smears she’ll get for being a woman, but we sure as hell don’t have to defend her politics (most or all of which are perfectly awful, by the way) or vote for McAsshat because now there’s someone with a vagina on his platform. Does he really think all women are that dumb?

  4. ali

    One thing she did well: She mentioned Hillary and Geraldine (Ferraro) in “gratitude.” (I think that was the word she used.)

    I am really, REALLY hoping that the majority of former Hillary supporters who are now Barack supporters will see through this smokescreen of sex. McCain and Co. are counting on a kneejerk “ZOMG WOMAN!” reaction that, if it happens at all, will last about 5 seconds (I hope).

    She’s very, very conservative, so it’s a neat trick he pulled, nominating someone who’s actually closer with the “base” than he is on many issues, but someone who LOOKS like she wouldn’t be.

    I don’t think it’ll work. I pray it won’t work.

  5. earlgreyrooibos

    “The worst part…YOU KNOW people are going to start cracking on her about her looks and her gender”

    But for some reason, it will be “different” when they criticized Clinton’s appearance/tone of voice/etc. I’m sure that someone will try to rationalize it.

    My head wants to explode.

  6. Crystal

    You know… if it was about race… *sigh* If he had been quoted calling a person of color derogatory names and then selected a person of color to be his VP, hopefully everyone watching would recognize the window-dressing for what it was, mutter “fucking hyprocrite” and walk away. Considering that he supposedly called his wife a cunt… I’m muttering “fucking hyprocrite” and walking away.

  7. Renee

    Palin is a colluder, plain and simple a dupe of patriarchy. What gets me is that McCain et al think that women are to dumb to see that. I found her reference to the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling this morning offensive. She is not even fit to carry a pantsuit much less wear it.

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  9. Jenn

    Now I’m just pissed. I either get to vote for McSame and a creationist nut, or someone that benefited from sexism twice.

    Oh, and I have to defend Palin against my own party. And it’s already started. Maher opened tonight with a line about the “Maverick and the MILF”.


  10. RogerR

    I wrote about Palin on my blog @

    and quoted my friend Tanya Melich’s article in her Women’s Media Center Commentary…”John McCain may think he can seduce American voters by having Sarah Palin by his side, but when the majority of Americans learn the Republican platform does not bring health care to Americans, will not protect woman to make their own reproductive choices, does not bring legal protection for equal pay for equal work, Sarah Palin, the McCain Trojan filly, will not fool American women.”

    The trick will be to inform what appears to be an ineducable American public on these facts – a public that appears to still believe that McCain is a moderate on reproductive choice.

  11. Jenna

    What really gets me about this is that Hillary has been working her fucking ass off for decades trying to get where she is today and now McCain’s camp seemingly picks this woman out of a hat, and she’s gotten further than Hillary overnight? I just don’t even know what to say or think anymore, I’m just so angry and scared that this might work. It’s just so creepy seeing them on that stage together. Cringe.

  12. Jenn

    It’s in headlines everywhere: that McCain is going to win the female vote (i.e.: Hillary’s supporters) because he chose a female running mate for VP. Yup. We are all so dumb that we only would choose a president based upon gender or the gender of the VP.

    You mean, I’m not supposed to consider what the candidates believe and are likely to do if elected to office? Are we (females) all assumed to be that shallow and that stupid that we will vote for a woman just because she has a vagina?

    The first thing I noticed when I saw the announcement in the Wall Street Journal was that the headline’s subtitle said something to the effect of, “McCain chooses Palin to win Hillary supporters.”

    OMG! I thought our country was one of the slightly more forward-thinking nations in the world! Maybe I was too quick to come to that conclusion!

    I’m just —= speechless!

  13. Lee

    I never thought I’d see the day when I was sickened by the sight of a woman on a Presidential ticket. I fucking hate McCain for being misogynist, but I hate Palin more for being a misogynistic woman.

    But what really pissed me off was the comment she made about the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, and shattering it once and for all. Does she really think she’s in same league as Hillary? Does she think she could have made one crack in the glass ceiling? Apparently, in addition to being anti-feminist, she’s delusional, too. Ugh!


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