Beatles Sleeves

The other week, thanks to the wonderful Pop Feminist, I came across this totally awesome post by Child of Nature, filled with rare picture sleeves from Beatles singles across the globe.  It kind of made my week.  Some favorites are below . . .

Paul is and always has been a giant dork, and that is why I love this sleeve.  Also, George seems to have an invisible golf club — and is he sporting an early day ‘stach???

This one is just clearly very awesome for obvious reasons and just might be my favorite.  Pretty sweet single, too.

This one cracks me up because, well, look at it.  What Italian record executive decided that this was an appropriate sleeve for Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane (greatest single of all time)?

And lastly, this one is great because . . . Yoko’s in it!  Wearing a pretty cool outfit, too.  I just love imagining that conversation/argument . . . Paul and George saying “no!” and John saying “her name is in the title of the fucking song — and you didn’t even play on it, George!” Me thinks they don’t look to pleased with having lost.

It’s times like these that I wish I was rich.  Because I would totally waste all of that money on being a Beatles record collector.

Click over to Child of Nature to see fullsize versions of all of the sleeves.

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