Yoko is Funny

This made me laugh and totally cheered me up this morning.

Because I’m in a sharing mood, Room Piece V also makes me giggle.  Other acorns are not so funny, but instead very thoughtful — like Life Piece V, Life Piece IX, Watch Piece I and Connection Piece VI.  I believe that my favorite of all so far is Watch Piece II, which left me somber, appreciative and contemplative the entire morning I read it.

Since so many of Yoko’s acorns are based on or related to some of her conceptual instructions from Grapefruit, I will leave you with my favorite from the book.  This one, I think, is in fact very funny:

Announcement Piece I

Give death announcements each time you
move instead of giving announcements of
the change of address.
Send the same when you die.

I’m going to be very sad when the 100 days of acorns is over.

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