Obama Breaks Fund-Raising Record

Today we get the news that in August, the Obama campaign raised more money than any presidential candidate ever has in a one-month period, pulling in a whopping $66 million and drawing in 500,000 first time donors!

The record-setting figures and particularly the new supporters who can contribute again before Election Day were crucial for Mr. Obama, who was heading into the general election as the first major-party candidate to forgo public financing. The campaign amassed its millions of dollars through an aggressive Internet drive, by attracting some of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s donors and as concerns increased over a tightening contest.

David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager, said more than 2.5 million people had contributed since the race began.

“The 500,000 new donors to the Obama campaign demonstrate just how strongly the American people are looking to kick the special interests out and change Washington,” Mr. Plouffe said in an e-mail message on Sunday.

Go Team Obama!

But hey, while the news is something to cheer and happily rub in the faces of Republicans, it’s no reason for us to get complacent (emphasis mine):

While the amount surpassed the previous record of $55 million set in February by Mr. Obama, it is in line with ambitious goals his campaign set in June, when he decided to back away from his pledge to take public financing. Mr. Obama may need to match or even exceed the new record this month and next to compete with Senator John McCain and the Republican National Committee.

Even with the impressive August fund-raising, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee appear to have started September with slightly less at their disposal than Mr. McCain and the Republican National Committee for the general election sprint.

Mr. McCain set a personal record in August by raising $47 million. And Republicans started September with just more than $100 million, according to party officials and fund-raisers for Mr. McCain. That amount reflects money coming from the national committee, a balance left in Mr. McCain’s primary account that has been transferred to the party, and money held in a joint account for both entities, as well as several state parties.

Mr. Plouffe said Sunday that the Obama campaign began September with $77 million in its bank account. Democratic officials said the party raised about $17 million in August and finished with a similar amount in the bank. The combined total gave Democrats an estimated $94 million in available cash for the presidential race. There is greater urgency, though, on behalf of Mr. Obama’s campaign since he did not receive $84 million from the Treasury — as Mr. McCain did — when he formally accepted his party’s nomination.

Okay, you got all that? Letting it sink in? Good. Because this is where you go to donate. If you’re able to, think about it, eh? And don’t forget to pick up your Obama gear, either — I’m eagerly awaiting my car magnet as we speak. Ohio Saves America also offers a different really interesting way to give.

Just in case you’re wondering, yes, I am in fact moving into shameless and optimistic Obama supporting. We’ve only got 50 days left here. Come on people, we’re all guilty of it, but how about we stop giving all of the time and energy to McCain and Palin’s lies — in other words, exactly what they want — and start running with the Obama narratives instead? I’m up for it if you are.

0 thoughts on “Obama Breaks Fund-Raising Record

  1. Erin

    I’ve been waiting for my car magnet as well. Every time I check the mail, I’ve been sorely disappointed that it hasn’t shown. They even sent me an email that due to overwhelming demand, that they will get it to me by the end of the month. I know that I donated in response to the Republican National Convention. It was my way to do something when I was feeling so overwhelmed and powerless. I’m so glad others felt the same way I did.

  2. Jenny Dreadful

    Come payday, I’m making a donation. It will be the first time I’ve ever made a donation to a candidate. And you know what? I’m really excited! 50 days left, McCain’s lead in the polls is narrowing and, I predict, will disappear by the end of the week.


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