This is Why I Love Planned Parenthood

In response to John McCain’s despicable ad trying to slander Obama for his totally reasonable support for age-appropriate sex education, Planned Parenthood has released this ad:

God, I love you PP folks. Bashing McCain, praising Obama, making campaign issues out of sex education and sexual assault, all in the same ad?  I hope that you run this one far and wide.  Please do keep up the good work.

h/t Feministing

0 thoughts on “This is Why I Love Planned Parenthood

  1. Renee

    I was completely disgusted when McCain attacked Obama for this legislation. Teaching children how to protect themselves in a world full of predators is extremely important. It was also disgusting the sneer that they placed on his face, and when you add that to the fact that they darkened his skin (can’t prove it but believe it) what message does this send but that black men are all dirty sex perverts.

  2. Jenny Dreadful

    I’m still reeling that McCain’s campaign actually pulled this shit in the first place. We all know that Republicans have a vested interest in protecting predators, but did they have to make it so obvious?

  3. zooeyibz

    Bravo. The hysteric, Pavlovian response many American adults have to the words “sex education” always baffles me. As if it’s a bad idea for young people to learn about one of the most fundamental aspects of their humanity? As if as long as no one mentions sex perhaps they won’t discover it? Lunacy…


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